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Speed on Aluminium line

Hi everyone,


im looking for some advice on my line. I currently have an EE package but I'm looking to move anyway, need a static Ip and faster speeds. Fortunately one of my friends is an openreach engineer and I got him to come round and look at my connection because I'm only getting 9 down 0.4 up. Initially he thought it would be an internal wiring issue but much to his dismay everything is fine it's  just that I have 2km of ali wire to the cab. He ran tests on a few houses in the street and it's the same story. So we did some investigating in the cab and it's outputting 40/10 which is what EE say they're giving. I've been looking at moving to global4 as a provider and getting the static ip 80/20 package. My question is does anyone have any guesses how much doubling the cabinets output will effect what I get after 2km of Aluminium? I understand that ali basically hates the high frequencies of modern broadband and it's not like openreach will lay FTTP anytime soon when we have FTTC. Any one got any ideas on the effects of upping speeds? Or any other suggestions would be awesome.



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Re: Speed on Aluminium line


This is a BT Retail forum for BT phone and broadband customers, and its against forum rules to discuss other ISPs.


Try posting on either the EE user forum, or better still this one


You should get plenty of advice on that forum.




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Re: Speed on Aluminium line

The only difference between the 40/10 broadband and the 80/20 broadband is the cap that is placed on the speed.  The signal is exactly the same.  So if you are getting less than 40M, then upgrading to an 80M package will make no difference at all.

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