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Speed/profile issues

Hi all -


I got BT Infinity 2 installed on the 28 Aug. All no problems and profile was synched at 79/20 up till about a week ago. This meant I could get a download of about 74.5-75 download and 18.5-19 up. All this was with no faults


However in the last four days my profile has been reset at 73.3 down (19.53 up - so that at least hasnt changed), resulting in abt. 70.5-71 download.


However today its dropped even further. As of about 5am (by my HH5 reckoning) I am now synched at 62 resuling in 60 meg down.


Am a bit concerned about this. Grateful for any advice. I've posted Wholesale and router stats below....




10:51 10 September 2014

1. Product name: BT Home Hub

2. Serial number: +068343+NQ42051512

3. Firmware version: Software version (Type A) Last updated 29/08/14

4. Board version: BT Hub 5A

5. VDSL uptime: 0 days, 00:27:58

6. Data rate: 19999 / 64263

7. Maximum data rate: 27829 / 76791

8. Noise margin: 8.0 / 6.4

9. Line attenuation: 0.0 / 13.7

10. Signal attenuation: 0.0 / 13.7

11. Data sent/received: 0.1 MB / 0.2 MB

12. Broadband username:

13. BT Wi-fi: Yes






















What I should be getting according to BT Wholesale checker--->


Telephone Number 0163389xxxx on Exchange RHIWDERIN is served by Cabinet 21



Featured ProductsDownstream Line Rate(Mbps)Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)Downstream Range(Mbps)Availability Date  High Low High Low    

FTTC Range A (Clean)8072.62020--Available
FTTC Range B (Impacted)8062.42019--Available
WBC ADSL 2+Up to 2--1 to 3.5Available
ADSL MaxUp to 1.5--1 to 2.5Available
WBC Fixed Rate0.5 ----Available
Fixed Rate0.5 ----Available
Other Offerings
FTTP on Demand33030--Available
Fibre Multicast------Available
Copper Multicast------Available
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Re: Speed/profile issues

UPDATE: Had engineer round 8 days ago. He swapped the lines round in the Cabinet and for one day I was back to the full 75 meg/20 meg and about 10ms ping...Over the last8 days though this has dropped to the following...


I assume this is DLM kicking in, but as the prfile checker said I should expect 76-80, will i expect my that my line improves?


Grateful for any advice..


Latest stats below (21/09/14)--->


1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068343+NQ42051512
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 29/08/14
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. VDSL uptime:8 days, 18:08:00
6. Data rate:19999 / 67802
7. Maximum data rate:30431 / 82709
8. Noise margin:9.9 / 6.2
9. Line attenuation:0.0 / 13.7
10. Signal attenuation:0.0 / 13.7
11. Data sent/received:201.0 MB / 994.0 MB
12. Broadband
13. BT Wi-fi:Yes
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Re: Speed/profile issues

...also is there a problem with the line perhaps? (Don't know what a good attenuation or noise margin is)... Sorry am a bit dim :S
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Re: Speed/profile issues

i get more than you with atenuation of 14.7 😞


maybe a crappy line.
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Re: Speed/profile issues

Hi Valthos. You mean a crappy line from the cab? Do I get BT to check this (again somewhat new to this). Its about 200- 250 m to the cab. There are no phone extensions. Cant hear any noise on the line either?

As it went back to 73 the first time around wondering if it will go back up
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