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Speed slowed down until no connection

My speed has slowed down a few MB every few days, after much hounding BT sent an engineer round to try to 'fix' the issue, he gave me a new modem and left and said there was no issue on my line. The speed has continued to drop a few MB every day, reciently I've been getting around 3 - 5MB down and 5MB - 6MB up. Yesterday that dropped down to 1 - 1.5MB and 3MB up occasionally it would boost back up to 30mb but that would be temporary. Today it went down to around 40 - 80kb and now this afternoon it's gone. The blue light did come on after around 30 minuites of waiting but websites simply timed out, pings were getting through but it was VERY VERY slow and packet loss was around 90%. Now it's completely gone and hubs broadband light is red and it refuses to connect, I'm getting passed from pillar to post just like I was last time, 2 engineer appointments and the engineer didn't turn up and I had to book those days off work. the 3rd time he did show.


This service is a **bleep**ing joke, seriously I've had so much patience and constantly had promises that it will improve and not its gotten so bad that there's no service at all. Also I have been overcharged... AGAIN!!! I've had enough seriously this is beyond a **bleep**ing joke now. I've been on hold to technical for 1 hour and 16 minuites so far....


Absolutely abysmal service. I'm posting this from my flatmates dialup connection which to be honest is a lot more stable, and faster in most cases than Infinity

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Re: Speed slowed down until no connection

Well it's come back online but it keeps restarting

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Re: Speed slowed down until no connection


You do know there was a serious outage on the network today from aboiut 12 to 1:30 (ish)???


About half the country lost all connection.




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