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Speed test on My BT app doesn't work

Hi , the speed test on My BT never completes, it gets to around 70% complete then just say it s unable to complete the test, my router may be switched off (it isn't)

Screenshot_20201027-131136_My BT.jpg

I have uninstalled the app, and its doing it on two different routers (Both SmartHub2 2).

I have to say, I am singularly unimpressed with the WiFi speeds on BT kit, and this only serves to enforce that view 😁

Anyone any idea why it might be doing this? 

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Re: Speed test on My BT app doesn't work

In my opinion, the MyBT speed test, although it doesn't specifically mention it, is designed to be run on a connected computer (ie PC or Mac via ethernet).

I have just run it using my iPhone. It failed.

Apologies if I am wrong here.

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Re: Speed test on My BT app doesn't work

Doing a speed test using WiFi is not a very reliable way to establish your broadband speed. There are many variables when using wifi and it can be greatly affected by interference.

The most reliable and accurate way to carry out a speed test is to use an Ethernet connected device.

I am unable to help you with regards your specific problem with the MyBT speed test but there are other speed tests sites such as Ookla available on the Internet. 

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Re: Speed test on My BT app doesn't work

Thanks for the reply, but it's not so much my speed I'm bothered about, I do check it with other apps, and I have checked with ethernet from laptop, it's the fact that it used to work, and now it doesn't, and if you are speaking to BT about a fault, that is what they ask you to use as it measures (apparently) more than just the speed of your connection. 

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Re: Speed test on My BT app doesn't work

You are correct in saying that BT want you to use that test if reporting a fault but if you check the "Before you Start" box it states on the page 2 para 2 that an Ethernet connection should be used because of the aforementioned problems with wireless tests.

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