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Speed up Engineer installation date???



I am a student studying in Bangor Wales, i applied for internet and it was supposed to be installed on 22 October 1-6pm, however, i got an SMS saying it is delayed to 29Oct. When I made my order for the internet i made it clear that I am a student and I can't afford any delays since it will affect my University work! And the person i spoke up to made it clear that the appointment is on 22Oct and won't be changed!


Is there any way to speed up the installation date? I don't mind paying extra to have a private appointment or something, I just need the internet as fast as I can get it, since I have deadlines and things to study in University. 


Is there any way to install it on my own without Engineer help if nothing is possible? I REALLY cannot afford to have one extra week without internet!

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Re: Speed up Engineer installation date???

Hi no there is no way you can speed up. The install date as the appointments are with Openreach not BT
You cannot make private appointments as the work is carried out strictly in turn and it sounds as if the engineers are very busy in your area

Also you have to have the engineer visit to activate the service as work has not only at your home but at your local street cabinet to provide the infinity service
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