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Spell check problem

Hi There


Does anyone else have this problem I wonder?  


As per usual when I have typed a word wrong it shows up with the usual red line under it.  That's fine and normal - until I select it to change it and then the problem starts.  For some reason the normal procedure of right clicking my mouse for the correct word/spelling to appear and then choosing that corrrect word/spelling is not working?  Instead - the word seems to be 'highlighted' in grey and remains wrongly spelled.  It is a hit or a miss whether it works or not.  If it doesn't highlight in grey then everything is fine and I can choose my correct word/spelling - however, often as not it has this weird grey 'highlighting' over the word - and nothing changes.  It remains wrongly spelled.  I then have to re-type it to correct the word. I hope somone can help with this as it is so time consuming trying to correct this problem


Thanks in advance


Heddy Bell 

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