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Split billing possibilities?

I am looking to change my broadband from BE to BT Infinity, but wanting to know if the billing has to be together with the line rental or if it can be seperate?

The homeowner who pays for line rental does not use the internet, so those that do are the ones who have been paying for it. If I want to apply for a BT Infinity account online, would I be able to setup payment for that as a seperate billing that I can manage, or does it need to be integrated with the current paper billing for the line rental?

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Re: Split billing possibilities?

Infinity is added to the account the line is on as it needs an active line to be ordered also the product can only be ordered by the account holder
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Re: Split billing possibilities?

Someone else (in the BB forum) wanted to pay for Infinity separately, they were asked for a debit card number for billing during sign-up. Howwever, BT screwed up again and put both of the charges onto the same bill, even though the person who signed up for the BB wasn't the bill/line-owner. So in theory yes, it should seem possible. However, don't expect BT to get it right, warn the bill-payer first, so that when BT screw up, you can pay them back whatever is charged until BT attempt to fix it.
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