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Started watching Champions League and Europa League matches this week on BT Sport.  Like many thousands of others I have been recording other games that are played at same time as the one I am watching with a view to watching later. BT Sport have to ruin my pleasure by showing a ticker at intervals during the match I am watching showing current scores!! Also the commentator pipes up every now and again to tell you what is happening in other matches!! It really takes all the fun out of watching recorded games if you know the score already!!

Please, please please desist in updating scores - surely all the commentator needs to say is: 'if you want to know other scores just press the red button'!!! All the information you could possibly want on other matches is updated regularly there!!




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Re: Spoilers!!

BT sport presenters haven't  got a clue. Even a simple look away now if you don't want to know the score of another game. But no they have to go on and on and ruin any viewing pleasure

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Re: Spoilers!!

Worse still is the spoliers on the app. I was busy during game time on Tuesday night and cannot record games as I cannot access BT Sport on the TV.

I came home late really looking forward to watching the full 90 mins of the Man City Juve game without knowing the score... Impossible. STUPIDLY, the "Watch Replay" option tells you the result! Why on earth would you do that BT. If I'm going to watch the full 90 mins I want to watch it "as live" not knowing the outcome!

Please please find some common sense and remove the spoilers!
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Re: Spoilers!!

Not a complaint at BT but ITV have started doing similar on their highlights show. Apart from the main match, for all the others they introduce the highlights with a comment or two that tells you the outcome. They have done this two weeks running so it's obviously a production decision.

It seems that those who work in sports broadcasting these days have decided that viewers should know the result before watching any replay/highlights. Personally I can't see how it makes it more enjoyable in any way. In fact the exact opposite in my opinion.
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Re: Spoilers!!

I agree with your description of BT Sport personnel as Spoilers.  My husband is 81 and not very healthy so he loves to watch football on TV.  £19.99 per month is a lot of money but he thought the number of games he could watch would make it worthwhile.  He is only interested in British football and enjoyed watching a Champions League match this week (I can't remember which one) and looked forward to seeing the recording of Celtic v Ajax.  But some idiot kept telling the score.  WHO WANTS TO WATCH A MATCH WHEN YOU KNOW THE RESULT!!!!  BT used to tell you all the scores of the matches being shown by Sky but to choose to do it on their own channels is complete madness.  Heads should roll.  If it continues then we won't be spending £19.99 each month.

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Re: Spoilers!!


Are you watching on a Sky box? I assume you are aware that BT Sport on Sky is £19.99 unless you have BT phone+broadband in which case it's only £5 as long as you stay within a broadband contract minimum term, so they are encouraged to re-contract each year. When outside of a BT broadband contract minimum term it increases to £11.75 for BT broadband customers.

Basically BT use it as a way of boosting the number of BT phone+broadband customers and also keeping them tied in for 12 month periods at a time.

Note: Those are the current Aug 2015 onwards prices but they may well change again in Aug 2016 for the next football season.
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Re: Spoilers!!

This is also happening on the Moto GP too with videos that do not even relate to the correct clips 

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Re: Spoilers!!

They did it all last season on the Rugby coverage too, most annoying and needs to stop..

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Re: Spoilers!!

The worst commentator for spoilers is Darren Fletcher. Ian Darke isn't far behind. They cannot help themselves give away other scores during live matches and fail to give warnings when scores are about to flash up on the screen. BT Sport is the worst of all the TV channels for football result spoilers and last weekend's live FA Cup coverage was no exception even when BT Sport was showing the highlights later on.  Any true football fan wants to enjoy the drama unfold and for me knowing the score first ruins that enjoyment. BT Sport's commentators and producers are clearly journalists first and football fans second. If football watchers are so keen to know about other scores there are plenty of other media platforms available these days that they can use. At the very least a warning should be given so that viewers can close their eyes and turn on the mute button before it's too late!  

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Re: Spoilers!!

Three years on and the cretins are still doing it. I just put the volume on mute. Shame because I enjoy the commentary otherwise.