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Sporadic broadband connection / speeds

I have at home BT Infinity and Home Hub 3, connected to a network cable which runs to the other end of house and a desktop (wired connection).  Various mobile devices are connected to the HH3 wifi.  We generally used to get download speeds of between 20 and 40 Mbps.


Over the past few weeks the internet connection has been very sporadic, often appearing that the internet is down. Rebooting HH3 sometimes does the trick, sometimes not.  Connecting a laptop direct to HH3 via a cable sometimes gets good internet access, sometimes not, likewise the desktop with a wired connection to the HH3.   The weird bit is that running a broadband speed check, either from the desktop or from an app on the iPad when very close to the HH3, can suddenly get 25 Mbps again.  After this, the whole network gets fast access again, at least until the next time it seems to go to sleep.


BT's website reports "no faults" on my line.


I am aware that wifi hubs have a tendency to die after a few years - ours is perhaps 2-3 years old.  However, the same problem occurs with the wired connections.  Would a dying HH3 also affect the network switch capability and hence the devices on a wired connection?


Might it be a problem with the white box (modem?) that the HH3 connects to?


Any assistance gratefully received - you may have worked out that am no expert!

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Re: Sporadic broadband connection / speeds

Hi Mastierra,


Welcome to the community forum. I'll be able to take a look at your connection and run a few tests on the line. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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