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Stable Connection, over 20mb download speed wiped off!



Recently I have noticed my speed drop on BT Infinity Option 2, installed and training period done long ago.  My current uptime is just over 14 days, coinciding with timeframe when my area had multiple power outages in the space of a few hours.  I was sitting pretty with the optimal 76mb, now I have just over 50.  Not a big deal, I know some people would love to have those kinds of speeds but at the end of the day I want back what I was getting the first month or so! 🙂


I know from past experience and knowledge that the line runs it's test period to find an optimal and stable connection and even after that period is over should multiple connection drops occur within a short period the line software will automatically drop the speeds, you can even fake this effect by turning your router/modem on and off for about 5 minutes although I'd advice against that!  My question is thus:  Having previously had maximum throughput, some power outages, then 14 days of uninterrupted connection, shouldn't the line software force a disconnect and attempt to raise the speed again?  Or is that it?  Will it do nothing but decrease should anything happen again?

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Re: Stable Connection, over 20mb download speed wiped off!

Can you do a speed test (link below) and copy and paste the result including your IP Porfile.

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Re: Stable Connection, over 20mb download speed wiped off!

Download Speed (Mbps): 56.30

Upload Speed (Mbps): 15.48

Ping Latency (ms): 20.38


As to the FTTC test, what exactly am I supposed to connect to the green socket on the faceplate?  The description on the speedtester is vague to say the least.

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Re: Stable Connection, over 20mb download speed wiped off!

You shouldn't need to change any connections to do the full test including profile.  That's working for most people, though quite a few people have found recently that it doesn't return the profile as it should.


Either and choose the ‘ADSL and Fibre diagnostics’ option or Tom’s BRAS checker which isn’t a speedtest but gives profile.




Also, if you haven't already done this recently, disconnect and reconnect the router (NOT modem).  Sometimes the modem-cabinet connection can increase speed, but the IP/BRAS profile at the exchange fails to be increased appropriately.  The router reconnect will force an IP profile update.

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Re: Stable Connection, over 20mb download speed wiped off!

I would like to follow up on this after all efforts to retrieve the required have failed, the BT tester will only give me my speed results no mattter what option I choose and the one always gives this error no matter if I have run no tests for days: 


Looks like BT refused to test, possibly because a speed test or BRAS check has been run recently which prevents this tool from working. Try again in a few hours.
Debug: BT no BRAS info


So I am unable to retrieve my line profile stats.  It's happened again now though, at 12pm today their was a homehub router upgrade which forced a restart and my speeds have plummeted again, now 40mb down 8mb up.  In 4 months my speed has gone from 76/18 to 40/8.  Totally unnacceptable in my opnion and this trend shows no sign of decreasing, in 6 months time at this rate I will be 6/1.  I'm contacting the BT community help in a last ditch attempt to rectify this before I jump ship, contract or not.

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