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Staff please help Noise margin BT

Hi there staff , i really need your help . So for months ive been having engineers out to fix my SNR problem . They come they set it at 6/6 [ which is what i want ] but within 24 hours my router resets around 12 midnight to 3am and the snr either goes up or down.

Currently my SNR is sitting art: Noise margin 9/6

[ The worst my noise margin has been at is 14 / 4 ] 

And my speeds at  14 up / 72 down


Now i know i can get 80/20 on this line but ive told BT and the engineers i want my line to be stable which means they got to turn the speed down abit lower which is completely fine because i want very stable broadband for gaming .

Ive had engineers come out and say there is nothing physically wrong with the line . Anyway what i get every engineer to do when they come out is i get the to ring the DCOE [ Engineer indian call centre ] . Like my SNR has been "Hardlocked" before and the DLM has been turned of many times but it seems to still break out of the 6/6 margin .


* Long story short can any staff members Fully lock the Noise margin at 6/6 [ so it doesnt move from 6/6 ]  and cap my speed at 64 down and 20 up also make sure the DLM is turned off on my line so i dont get no restarts please ? *


Im sick of having to get engineers to come out just to take a phone call . When i ring BT up they cant do anything hence why they send the engineers but this is an endless cycle .,, My connection gets fixed for 24 hours and every day from there my router resets because the DLM is trying force more speed down my line. 

Ive seen before you staff do wonders for customers on here so hopefully you guys can help me out please .

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