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Static IP



i have replace my bt router with a firewall with an adsl interface


i had a single static IP but i've now applied for and got 5 addresses from bt


i was planning to add the new IPs as a dmz on my firewall and thought that bt would simply route to my new subnet via the existing static IP assigned to my adsl interface


anyone know if this is the case or know of any guidance on how to configure a non bt device


thanks to anyone taking the time to read this or reply

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Re: Static IP

high, i think you need to set the ip's individually on the routers your want ot supply the connection, or the pc's you want ot use them with (general home setup)


if your hosting a server or 5 then i believe you use a domian service to register the ip address for each server and register the ip on the server which then acts as the host, of course the adsl firewall configuration should be in its documentation for the services and how you do them.


i think if you were to explain what your doing or intend to do with thease extra ip's it could be most beneficial in terms of providing an explanation for you.

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