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Steam Disconnections with a Home Hub (and what resolved it for me)

I've had disconnections right after joining a game of L4D2 and indeed most online games through Steam, sometimes it doesn't even get on to the server, but mostly I'm connected and 10 seconds or so after the game starts I lose connection and have to rejoin after my player has timed out of the server, this repeats for about 5 times and eventually seems to stay connected.  Usually taking as much as 30 mins to be able to play 😞


I've just today started looking for answers, and not really found anyone saying what worked for them online. Indeed the old BT forums had a thread in December that I can't post to anymore, and that didn't have a resolution.


However, after playing with Application Sharing in the BT Home Hub settings (BTHH 1.0 here) it seems to be working fine now, I've just played a few hours on various servers without one problem.  So I hope this thread will help others, as it's clear lots of people have suffered from this problem and often left BT as a result (can't blame them if they can't get help).


Note I'm on a Home Hub v1 and firmware 6.2.6.E


Others have had the problem and tried to fix by opening ports mentioned on other sites, but this didn't seem to work.  I've had port opening problems before and the reason they didn't stay open was because the Home Hub seems to apply them to the wrong device or change the device after a reset of the hub, the Hub doesn't clearly show what the devices are, so it's not obvious that the device is wrong for the opened ports/Application Sharing.


What I did:

Enter 'Advanced' settings in 'Hub Manager'

Enter 'Devices'

Go through each device listed and Edit them, giving them a clearer Name and a Type so you know what they are.  Best way I found was to look at the Interface and matching up by disconnecting and checking if they have greyed out or not.  I have 7 devices on mine, 3 of which are the BT Vision Box 🙂

The key one to identify is your PC, I named mine "GelpsPC-Ethernet", and for this one I also ticked "Always use the same address" just in case this helped it not lose track of which device the application sharing is applied to.

I put Ethernet on the end as I've used USB sometimes and named that with USB on the end so I know the difference.


Enter 'Application Sharing'

In dropdown for 'Game or Application' select 'Steam Games'

In dropdown for 'Device' select your PC

Click 'Add'


Close the window, job done 🙂


Please note that oddly the ports in the 'Steam Games' option in 'Application Sharing' doesn't have the same fuller range advised on line, but it worked for me, so I've not bothered setting the ports manually.

I've tried resetting the Hub and rebooting my PC and the settings stick and L4D2 still works fine, but I'm assuming this will still work fine in a week or so 🙂


Hope this helps people!!  If you try the above and it doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to see what other settings I might have changed over the years that might be the missing piece.


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Re: Steam Disconnections with a Home Hub

Hi Gelp


Welcome to the forum,


And although I don't game myself, there are loads that do.

Good contribution for your first post!! 😉

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Re: Steam Disconnections with a Home Hub

Hi Gelp,


Is this any use:


This indicates that your router or modem is getting flooded when receiving pings from servers. To resolve this issue:

  1. Look for a firmware update for your router and/or modem that may resolve the issue.
  2. If no firmware update is available, set Steam's Internet Connection speed to a lower setting to reduce the speed that the server list populates. This setting can be changed in Steam, in "Settings" under the "Downloads" tab.
  3. If this still fails to resolve the issue, you may artificially limit the speed at which the list populates. To do so:
    1. Go to Start > Run and type in: regedit.
    2. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\.
    3. Create a new string value registry setting named CafeRate.
    4. Give the CafeRate regkey a value of 10000 and progressively decrease the value until the issue is resolved. A rate of 3000 should be considered the minimum value.
  4. If you are still unable to resolve your issue, you should strongly consider replacing your router with a higher-grade model.

Sadly for me, I'm at option 4 - might work for others though...

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Re: Steam Disconnections with a Home Hub

Nigelk sir, I don't have a problem... I did, but I found the answer, and this thread covers my original issue and what I did to resolve it.  Maybe I didn't make it clear? 🙂  I've updated the thread title to hopefully help others that might htink the same.

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