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Stepney green exchange - Cabinet question

Hi, been looking in to fibre, a few months ago the OpenReach fibre checker ( showed my postcode and address as accepting orders (but not yet ready).


There is a cabinet right outside my house, it's about 5 meters away. There was an engineer from BT a few weeks ago who was installing something to do with fibre there (we asked him). There is another cabinet about 20 meters away.


However the cabinet checker ( shows my line as exchange only (it doesn't give me a cabinet when I put my address in). I checked the address of a few doors down, with the same postcode, and they have a cabinet number (and it shows they can order fibre now).


My postcode is E13NE, but I do live in a new address which was converted from a previous block of flats.


Is it possible that I'm on an exchange only line despite there being a cabinet right outside my house, and other houses either side of me being connected to a cabinet?



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Re: Stepney green exchange - Cabinet question

Its entirely possible. Do you have a BT phone, that will give the most accurate result from the checker.

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Re: Stepney green exchange - Cabinet question

We are with sky. We have a phone number but no phone is plugged in. There is the openreach phone line (where you plug the internet in to, it's a white plate with an openreach logo) in one of the rooms.

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