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Still awaiting Stadia from install in Feb


I had full fibre installed on 10th Feb 2020 and was expecting to get the free stadia as promised but as of today still stadia or email about it?

I have spoken to 4 different online chat agents over the last 5 weeks always being told it's on the way etc but still nothing

Has anyone else had the same issue or actually received their promised stadia?

The last time I spoke to someone was 2 weeks ago which said it will be here within 14 days 

Before that it was 21 days ago and told it will be with me within 3-5 days

Before that it was last month when I was told it was ordered and be with me within 14 days

Before that it was on the 24th Feb when my 14 day cooling period had expired and was told it will be with me shortly 

All of these discussions has come to nothing and although have been reassured it will be with me shortly I still dont have it nearly 2 months after install


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Re: Still awaiting Stadia from install in Feb

Hi @retroclassicsuk welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Sorry that you have not had an update on the stadia. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod Team and we will chase this up for you. We will take longer than usual to get in touch as we are very busy at the moment.


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Re: Still awaiting Stadia from install in Feb


Have messaged back a couple of times but still awaiting an update which would be much appreciated

Totally appreciate the situation we find ourselves in but this should have been resolved before all of this started and is amazingly frustrating it wasnt and still isnt for something that seems so straightforward and been confirmed to be so 4+ times

Hoping I get a response soon 


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Re: Still awaiting Stadia from install in Feb

Hi @retroclassicsuk,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you we are really busy at the moment and were putting vulnerable customers first which has meant a delay in picking up Gift Card and Gift cases.

I can see your case is near the top of the queue and should be picked up within the next 24 hours. 



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