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Re: Still bad lag in Fifa 14 - response from EA

Did the ping test 3 times to make sure in a row, all three times I got 0% packet loss, in terms of jitter I got 8ms, 7ms and 2ms. Ping was basically 30ms everytime. First two times my grade was B and it said online games may not run properly and then the last time I got an A grade.

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Re: Still bad lag in Fifa 14 - response from EA

It's so frustrating with the gameplay being so slow when I play and the opponent is fast and the passing is perfect for them, SOMEONE DO SOMETHING.

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Re: Still bad lag in Fifa 14 - response from EA

Hi everyone. We have joined the forum as we have been doing lots of research. Unfortunately it becomes complicated but follow us on twitter for updataes @fifaaddiction. We have been kindly mentioned in this forum already. 


We can confirm that Sky BT and Virgin are all suffering the same issue. Also ISPs across Europe, Canada and others. We are doing our best to investigate and have some kind of Once and for all sort it EA conversation. Doesn't help that they don't like us much but we all deserve better. We do now have contacts and are trying hard. 


It is the most annoying thing in the world. Affects Xbox1 and PS4 too when we first bought Xbox1 it seemed fine. Maybe as we were on Early access and not enough people online to create the lag. 


We are determined to help the community as we are apart of those suffering. 

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Re: Still bad lag in Fifa 14 - response from EA

Great to hear that you are also trying FIFAADDICTION.....


It does seem strange that some people are not affected by this (OR they dont realise its happening to them).....


Other online games are usually fine so I would love for a fix in place....


Recently Ive played people in Germany / Spain / Italy and have had good games but e.g. this weekend most games were bad including UK and Ireland....


I do expect that playing people in America / Saudi Arabia or other distant players will be more laggy but to play people in UK on equivalent High Speed Internet - the game should be smooth....


Keep us all updated 🙂

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