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Still being charged for BBTalk

Please can you help.


My Dad has once again been charged £3.30 (£1.10 per month) for BBtalk. We have BT Total Broadband option 1 which I thought included BBTalk.


We were charged for BB Talk from 8 Mar - 7 June so I emailed customer services (ref. no. 110310-******) who replied on 11/03/2011 with "I have removed the charge of talk service from your current bill and sent a request to our offline department to do not charge for this service in future. I assure you that in future you will not get charge for talk service again."


I then spoke to BT billing via Live Chat on 14/03/2011 who refunded charges of £3.46 for BB Talk from 30 Nov - 7 March and was also told "you're on the BB Talk Evening and Weekend Plan which does not cost anything additional"


Yes we are, but have still been charged again.


Am hoping an email direct to a moderator can help to sort this out.







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Re: Still being charged for BBTalk

Hi catsatmat,


Sorry this is still happening.  I'll be happy to get to the bottom of this and get the bills put right.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section.



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Re: Still being charged for BBTalk

Thanks Craig


Email sent with information as requested.

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