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Still cant connect to my work VPN through BT.

I can't use my work VPN from home.  We have been trying different things for months to try to get it to work but without success.


I can succesfully connect to the VPN tunnel.  It takes many seconds to verify password an log on to the system, and stays connected quite reliably.  But when I open the brower to be able to see it, it times out at twenty seconds, very reliably, every time with a 'the connection has timed out' error.  But the connection is still good.


My settings are right because I can connect from hotels, publlic wifi spots, no problems - anywhere but home, really!  At first I blamed my old v1.5 homehub.  But then we borrowed a netgear router from work, tested it at worked, no problems. Connected it at home, and I could surf, no problem.  I could connect to my work VPN, but after that the same timeout error occurs, at 20 seconds.


I have tried using different browsers.  No difference.


I have found other posts on the forum where it talks about opting out of web address help.  This I have done several months ago,  several times just to make sure!


Does anybody have any idea at all on this please? 

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