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Still having internet problems

I've posted on here before about a month ago and I'm still having problems with BT Infinity. I'm getting very intermittent speeds and on occasion it's so slow as to make the internet unusable. I can cope with it being occasionally slow or not working but also since installation I'm unable to show more than about the first 40 seconds of any online video such as Youtube or iPlayer and any file downloads stall after downloading around 10MB. This is all using wired connections and I've tried this on multiple computers. 


I was on Sky for 4 years before this and never had any problems.


I've posted emails to BT twice via their website but had had no response. I've also tried the phone line twice but ended up in a queuing system and couldn't wait for a response for more than half an hour. 


Is it called BT Infinity as that's how long you'll have to wait for any useful support? Smiley Happy


Does anyone any have ideas? Is there a BT email that I can get support from that responds?


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Re: Still having internet problems

Just in case you got this wrong Geoff try this .....


Power down the hub, and the vdsl modem.


Leave the PC on if you wish,  wait for a couple of minutes and power the vdsl modem back up ....


Let it initialise and get connected to its dslam, give it a minute or so  ....


Then finally power up the hub ..... and see if the connection comes up.


If so, leave them on 24/7, don't switch them off.


See how you go .... if no joy, drop an email in to the moderators.


BT Forum Moderation Team <> with account detail and problem.

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