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Still no contract in Post and Speeds have now dropped dramatically

Hi Again Moderators


Recently as my last contract was ending, i decided I would stay for a new 12 month contract if I could get the service and products, at an agreeable price.


Mods passed me over to Kenny and then Deidre. I thought we have it resolv3d. But what was is not now.  Part of a contract is the agreement of both parties to azgreeon the terms. This has not happened, I have no contract , no new contract with the new terms as agreed. The irish care and Bt support are great, But i am still having a problem on speed Deidre and of course the contracts for both lines.


As mentioned previously i really did not want to go down this road, ( )  so was hoping we get would get  everything right this time.


Well I am concerned that today my speed is now down to 21mb. ( from BT Speed test ) It seems that as a new contract is within reach. BT  slow me down. Concerned now. That as the contracts are two way i am now possibly just out of time of the legal 14 day right to cancel ( with no fault of my own)


Could a mod please forward to the person, Deirde was name on last weeks email. She was helping to resolve the speed issues. I have emails from  her, But i cannot recall my recent post in here for reference. I am sure the mods will though.


When I started the  negotiations for a new contracts for my 2 telpehone lines. Part of that aggreement was to maintain the speed at which i had been using for the previous 12months. That was 29meg. I am only 600 meters from the cabinet, BT's facts. So any less would be questionable.


As the link above shows, I am far from being in good  health. So talking to 'far away places' is out of the question. Any more of that stress would make me feel like throwing in the towel altogether.


Thanks again moderators..If one of you could take valuable time out and pass this on to the department where Deidre is. it will be appreciated.








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Re: Still no contract in Post and Speeds have now dropped dramatically

Hi @EssexDengie and thanks for posting.


I can see you're due a call back on Thursday so I've updated the notes on the account for you. Can you post back after the call and let me know how it goes?





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