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Re: Still no fibre?

This news item from thinkbroadband gives some information The issue with exchange lines is to do with interference between the VDSL DSLAMs and sensitive exchange equipment. In theory the proposed FTTP on demand solution might be extended to exchange lines but as few details have been realesed its not clear whether it could or if it can what it might cost. 


Exchange lines are normally short and therefore give good ADSL speeds so have not been a target of the BDUK funding but some are long and very slow - exchange lines being used on smaller housing developments on the edge of small towns. If you on one of those contact your council and ask what they are doing they can and do talk to Openreach.

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Re: Still no fibre?

Thanks for the info chris, I had read somewhere else the same about equipment causing interference at the exchange.


I just want the extra upload speed - not bothered bout download speed.


Me thinks that I'm going to have to move house.

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Re: Still no fibre?

I live in Cornwall and apparently a solution for EO lines is being trialled here.This is the reply I got from Superfast Cornwall when I queried what was happening with EO lines at the end of March.''The solution is extremely new, so much so that it's only now being trialled (in Cornwall in fact.) It's hoped that it will become marketable in the near future and we're looking to deploy EO solutions throughout Cornwall within the life of the programme." They also confirmed that this trial was being done in a village called Stenalees (one of the original pilot areas in Cornwall) near St Austell.

No information was given as to what this trial entailed

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