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Still no phone line after a four month wait!

Sorry folks, you've probably heard it all before but I'm posting this out of sheer frustration. We moved back into part of a converted barn complex in the countryside in June and were due for connection of phone and broadband in the same month. The property adjoins one with an existing phoneline and broadband connection and has a physical phone line in place, sockets and all, from a previous occupancy. Initial engineer visit in June raised a problem (which was described as a DAX problem to me months later) which was going to delay our connection. Four months on we have had three other engineers appointments booked, one cancelled without explanation prior to visit, and two where the engineer has not turned up without even a phonecall to say they were not arriving. The explanation for the no-show on the first visit (which I only got after ringing BT myself) is that the Engineer could not find us - despite his colleague finding us no problems on a Sunday in June, and not bothering to ring my mobile number to say he was lost. The second no show, today, and again only discovered after ringing BT myself was put down to Openreach having cancelled the order as a site survey was required because they are confused by the fact that there is an existing phone line to the property - why could a site survey have not been done today when the engineer was physically supposed to be here? Needless to say we are still not connected to phone or broadband. My wife took time off work twice to ensure someone was around for the engineer. Its very fortunate the neighbours are so understanding and allow us to use their phone and internet connection when we have to. After four months of calmly accepting BTs explanations I have had enough and have cancelled the order. I can accept the realities of technical difficulties in connection/capacity etc. but to keep us hanging on when we appear to have been put into the 'too difficult to be bothered with' box is extreemly frustrating to say the least. The fact that no engineers from Openreach have even bothered to ring and say they won't be coming is utterly unacceptable and surely symptomatic of an organisation that uses its monopoly to ignore those cases it would be too difficult to deal with. I have registered a complaint and am waiting to see what the outcome is but having read some of the other posts here I'm not holding my breath for a phoneline let alone broadband. Sorry again about the post but I am at the end of my tether, Johnny
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Re: Still no phone line after a four month wait!

Its DACS (Digital Access Carrier System) not DAX.


It is a technology developed by BT in the 60's to provide two phone circuits over one physical line by splitting the two voice services into analogue and digital so both people could use the line at the same time as opposed to the really old party line where if the person you shared the line with was on the phone you had to wait for them to get off it before you could use it.


Also if you have cancelled the the order you will now never get a phone line because complaint or no complaint Openreach won't install any physical infrastructure for no reason.

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Charged £200 for cancelling a service that was never provided

Dear all,

cut a long story short it took 5 months and three failed engineers visits (without being informed so we took time of work etc. to be there) to get receive no service whatsoever (we were never connected and never received a satisfactory explanation as to what the real problems were).


In sheer frustration I cancelled the contract  over the phone and now have been presented with a bill of over £200 as our "service" was cancelled within the term of the contract. I ask you do you consider this to be fair? BT are literally asking for money for almost nothing. If anything I should be charging them for the time we took off work, the cost of arranged childcare and the emotional frustration of being without even a landline phone for over 5 months.

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Re: Charged £200 for cancelling a service that was never provided

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to find out what happened.


They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team


They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.

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Re: Still no phone line after a four month wait!



I can empathise; I'm in a very similar situation to you but have been waiting for over 9 months for a landline. No mobile reception either, 3 miles from the nearest village, 2 young children and a baby, husband (me) often away and incredibly worried when I am. I've just posted some horrific tales from my recent experiences with BT.


Like you, I'm not sure what good my presence here will do, but I know that we should not stand for this service from a virtual monopoly. The Ombudsman can be sidestepped by BT subcontracting the installation to Openreach and 'keeping the customer informed' (monthly texts in my case) therefore are toothless. My MP has been helpful and I would encourage anyone in this situation to contact theirs.


Good luck in the meantime!

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