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Still not connected

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I am running out of options and patience.  We moved house on 27th April and still have not been reconnected to the internet.  We have had no end of problems ....


  • Firstly, an engineer was booked to connect us on 30 April.  He came bright and early but could do nothing as the phone line had not been switched on, eventually it was switched on at 8pm that night.  Apparently there was a fault in the system as the phone lines are usually switched back on 1st thing in the morning and it should have been ready for the engineer.
  • Another engineer was booked to come on 2 May, he never turned up, apparently there was a fault in the sytem (again) and we should have been warned that, as it was a "cancellation" appointment, there was a risk that he wouldn't make it.
  • The next available appointment was 16 May, we asked for an earlier appointment, our son is doing his Maths GCSE a year early and it is vital that he can get online to do his revision, also I run an accountancy practice and need to be able to access my emails in the evenings.  We were told that if we cancel the contract we would get an earlier appointment as we are "new customers" (we have been BT customers for years and should surely get the same priority as new customers!)
  • We were sent a dongle to enable us to use the internet while we were waiting to be connected, we live in the middle of nowhere so needless to say the dongle did not work.  Management said we should never have been sent it as they are aware that it does not work in our area, another fault in the system I expect.
  • Funnily enough there was then (wait for it.....) a fault in the system which meant that whilst BT had cancelled the 16 May appointment BT Open Reach still had it logged and a new appointment could not be made until after the appointment date had passed.
  • Next there was a tag on the line!  The previous owner was with BT and had cancelled his contract but apparently BT cannot remove their own tag???  The white openreach box is sat in the office just waiting for some life!
  • Finally there appeared to be some progress, my husband received an email on 17 May to say the engineer would be coming on 24 May.  Love the fact that they send emails when we have no internet, fortunately he can access it at work sometimes in his break.
  • He then spoke to BT on 17 May ..... another fault in the system, we should not have been sent the email!  But we were due to get a phonecall on 20 May, to arrange an appointment for an engineer because the line was now definitely clear.  The tag/fault has certainly been removed and its all systems go. 
  • but .....telephone call came from BT this morning..........surprise suprise there is still a fault on the line.  We will next get a phone call on 22 May to update us of the situtation - not a visit from an engineer, not necessarily an appointment date, just an update on the fault!
  • My husband has wasted hours on the phone, he has been promised return phone calls which never materialise, he has been given different information by various members of staff - faults/tags/clear lines????

So my question is, how long do we have to wait to be reconnected?  How can there be a fault on the line when it worked perfectly the day before we moved in? How many faults in the system can we be subjected to?  How many more half days off work will we have to take to wait for no-one to turn up? How many more phone calls will not be returned? And who will take responsilbility for the fact that my son is now a month behind on his maths revision and his exam is in 4 weeks time?


Any help or advise from someone who had a similar situation would be much appreciated.


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Re: Still not connected

I would contact mods who are the only BT employees on the forum 

contact mods


can take up to 3 working days for mods to contact you

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Re: Still not connected

Thanks, I have sent them a message

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