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Still unable to get BT Sport on BTTV

A week ago I posted a message explaining all the problems that I had and like many others are experiencing in contacting BT to sort out why I can't get BT Sport on my BTTV as promised when they cut off Sky Sport to people who cannot get infinity. My last call to BT was for 59 minutes but eventually I spoke to someone who said I needed a new viewing card and they were arranging for this to be sent to me in the post. It would take 3-4 days, so a week later and I still haven't received it. I have better things to do that ringing BT and holding on for ages just to get cut off as I did on three previous occasions. If the card isn't in the post tomorrow then it is good by BT Vision and welcome back Sky. At least they provide the programmes that you request.

Before switching to BT Vision I had heard stories of how bad BT's customer service was but gave them the benefit of the doubt. How wrong can you be. Customer service is just terrible.

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