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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

  • Thanks for that information but due to being in contract and had to pay a early leaving charge I was told by the BT call handler I had to cancel there and then which would enable me to move, if this is not the correct way then unfortunately I have been misinformed by BT. But I was clear with the call handler that we are wanting to move provider but need to pay off the contract and was told yep that’s fine as long as the new provider puts the order through the Openreach system it will not be a problem otherwise services will come to an end unless we ring and change our minds 2 days before the 30 days notice are up. 

    But that still doesn’t explain why BT have accepted that I am moving provider by letter but they are only releasing the phone and not the broadband  so splitting services (not possible in the new system) but on the Openreach system it’s showing as a phone and broadband move and the line is being transferred from BT to Vodafone with both parties accepting this. But BT’s letter is stating only phone as I said if you had read everything so that is not the issue.

I’ve had the switchover date from both providers confirmed but BT have messed up and are only releasing the telephone, I had to ring and cancel the contract first so I am sorry but I this case you are incorrect. Would you also put aside the bad customer support who wouldn’t check the Openreach system and would talk over me laugh and put me on hold then terminate the calls? When only asking if they please could please check the system as it would show this refusing to and doing the above. Does it excuse when Vodafone’s rep calling BT to try and fix BT’s mess that they get shouted out and hung up on too? 

Maybe you have more experience with switching providers but I was still in contract and if I had attempted an line change it would have been denied right? Being patronising when getting most of the facts wrong and obviously not reading the post isn’t helping the mess that BT have caused. So maybe relax and help or move on, i’m sure we both have better things to do! If BT hadn’t done this then I would not be here, right? 

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

Thank you Andy, much appreciated. It shows me I’ve made the right decision moving on from BT and this silly unhelpful behaviour from iniltous

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

That is great information thank you now I know for the future, I have rung the cancellation team again at BT and they are saying they will not be able to cancel the cancellation i’ve asked why and they will not give me a reason. I’ve rang Vodafone again they have checked the Openreach system again and saying everything is in place for the 6th of September and I will defiantly be switching to them on that date, I’ve again explained this situation and again have been told that BT are releasing the line on the 6th and have accepted the line changeover so I have no idea what is going on at this point!

By have said though we can sign you up to another package and we have great deals though - even though apparently i’ve already been signed up to another contract a day after starting the order with Vodafone and that is the only way to fix this?
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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!


You would be better waiting for the moderator to investigate, if you have sent them the information requested.

It will take a couple of days, but they normally manage to sort it all out, as they have access to all the orders and progress notes.

The migration process is not well known by many customers, so its not surprising that things sometimes go wrong.

If the correct process is followed, then once BT receive notification from the new provider, they would normally send a message like "Sorry you are leaving BT" etc. If there are any outstanding charges, they would be stated at that time.

Bear in mind you will lose any BT email accounts when you move, unless you pay £7.50 a month for BT Premium mail.

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!



Hi Keith yes all has been provided so hopefully it will be sorted and I am happy to wait. 

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

Given that the OP managed to find this forum to post ‘stop lying to me and release my line’ , then it’s not unreasonable to assume that they could have used this or a similar forum to ask what the correct way to move provider was, instead of the action they took , which  would have resulted in the situation they find themselves in , regardless of who the provider was.

There is nothing posted here to suggest that BT did anything other than what the OP asked for ( ‘cancel my service’ ) the OP then approached a new provider who incorrectly told the OP that the reason this new order they raised failed was due in some way was BT, the reason the new order was cancelled ( by the system all providers use)  was because you cannot migrate a line that is in the process of being ceased.
If the OP posted that they asked BT how to proceed and were told to cease BT and then contact another provider , they may have a genuine complaint, but the clear implication is that they didn’t ask how to proceed  , they asked for the BT service to be far as the point about cancelling 1 service and not the other, you cannot have BT Broadband without BT line rental, so if you cancel the ‘line’ then the broadband would also go ( as you cannot have broadband without line rental ) but you can cancel broadband and keep line rental...but the contractual dates don’t have to align.


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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

Being in contract would not have stopped the takeover, you'd have received notification including any cancellation fees. Retention advisors don't have access to the openreach system and a Vodafone rep would not be able to discuss someone else's account. 

The only way the broadband would have been left, would be if you had a separate line and broadband package, if that was the  case it's unlikely that there would have been cancellation fees on the line only. If your package is a broadband and line bundle then they both cancel off together. You can cancel the broadband and leave the line but not the other way round

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!


Actually if you had read my previous post you would have seen I asked the adviser about leaving whilst in the contract he advised to pay up the contract whilst on the phone but we did make him aware we were going to Vodafone, so no we did not ask him to cancel the line as you put it 

It also hasn’t failed so please make sure you get your facts correct, on the Openreach system it’s showing as confirmed on both sides with screenshots to show this so yes they have access and is reading to switch but BT are saying this is not the case for the broadband but for the telephone part of the service and the dates perfectly align with Vodafone’s 6th of September just BT have messed up what is actually being switched as they are the only part of the system that has not got that correct and signed me up to a new broadband only contract without consent, so if I had cancelled the line why did they do that then? 

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

It sounds like Vodafone only applied for the line, this is why the broadband would be left and a new contract starting. As said before it's not possible to leave the broadband on and cancel the phone line from BT's side, if the package is bundled.  

This wouldn't be the first time vodafone only applied to take over the phone line and not the broadband

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

sorry but this thread is just getting Bt said and Vodaphone said and all 3rd party information and getting absolutely nowhere

@Opie149  as you have replied to mods with private message then just leave it with them to help sort out this mess and get you away from BT and with vodaphone

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