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Stop lying to me and release my line!

I have recently cancelled your service due to how expensive it has become, I rang and paid of my contract to leave early completely cancelling my services for £145.60 and I gave my 30 days notice.


i confirmed on the phone that I can sign up with another provider which I have done, which is to take over line on the 6th of September. It has been confirmed by them they are taking over the broadband and phone completely and has been placed on order on the Openreach system which I have screenshots of from my new provider because BT are refusing to let go of the broadband part of the line and putting us on a new package without my consent.


i have rang the cancellation line up 10 times and your call centre staff are extremely rude talking over me and lying about BT confirming on the Openreach system (all recorded) as I can prove otherwise with the screenshots of the Openreach system that it is going over to Vodafone on the 6th of September and that Openreach and BT have both confirmed this move. 

So why are you still trying to provide me with a contract forcibly after the 6th which we do not need or want for £44.50 alone? I have a letter here stating this.

the system does not allow for splitting phone and broadband between different providers no more confirmed by your call staff and Vodafone’s call staff so why you doing this? 

I have rang to stop this happening but I have been told unless we cancel our move to the new provider that BT have no intention of releasing the broadband part of the service and charging us an ridiculous amount for a service we do not want from you! 

I am sorry to post this publicly but after nearly 8 hours of phone calls being lied to, talked over and fobbed off enough is enough.


i want you to NOT to put me into a new contract which I did not ask for and to refund the £145.60 I have paid to leave your services completely if you are not going to honour my move to another provider 


competete joke of a service and I will never be coming back, and according to Vodafone this is a very common scam you pull to try and keep customers with you 

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

Hi @Opie149,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting.

I'm sorry you were unhappy with your service and that you are leaving BT.

Having read your post, you've said that you contact BT to give the 30 days notice. Was this done before you placed your order with your new provider?

If so, this would stop them from being able to do a working line take over as there is a cease order already on your line. 

I'd need to take a look at your account to be able to say for sure. 

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact me. You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!



no no the order was placed after I rang and cancelled with you which would have no bearing on who I went with, and it doesn’t make sense if i’ve requested both my broadband and phone line to be moved and it has been confirmed on the Openreach system why BT are refusing to let the broadband service go and only the phone? Especially when the new system doesn’t allow for splitting services right? 

Vodafone are well aware of the scam you are pulling, which is why they supplied the Openreach system screenshots confirming they had sent a broadband and phone service switch over and you had confirmed the switch and it is supposed to be going over on the 6th of September but suddenly you are refusing to let go of the broadband it is not a big ask. We have rung many times for you to let this happen and are refusing to do so and trying to keep offering packages instead of resolving the problem whilst being rude and talking over me! 


Even one of their reps called you when I was on the phone and he got belittled and hung up on by your staff, not very good is it. 

I will supply what information you on you need but please note to keep further replies on the public post 

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

@Opie149   from reading your last post you have confirmed that you cancelled your package with BT before you placed order with vodaphone which when reading mod post is probably the problem

just interested in the outcome

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

I went off BT’s advice on the phone when cancelling, I asked before I cancelled because I was still in contract and they advised to cancel whilst on the phone and pay the early cancellation fee which I did, then to call the new provider so they can put the order through for the line changeover.

As far as I was told by the call handler this was the way to leave because of still being in contract which made sense else when the new provider put the order through it would have been denied by BT because of still being in contract.

Plus, i’ve been signed up for a new contract (without consent or being asked) with BT a day after placing an order with the new provider? Which i’m assuming is why they won’t release the broadband but it was supposed to be completely cancelled with the charge and with the new provider requesting the service changeover for both phone and broadband and it being accepted by BT through the Openreach system I can’t understand why they suddenly are forcing me into keeping broadband with them but allowing the phone to move over. It’s all confusing and just needs to be resolved by BT
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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

The cancellation of the package is why the new provider can't take over the line. Not sure why the advisor did advised this, unless they are still new and don't fully understand how it works when cancelling the line.

The only time you cancel a line and broadband, is if you are moving out and not taking the services with you. This then allows the people moving in to have their services started on the same day that your services stop.

Because mac codes are no longer required then the new provider places the order, BT are then notified that another company is taking over the line, you would then get an email/letter to say, 'sorry you're leaving' it would detail dates and any cancellation fees. The cancellation fees would be added to your final bill, once the new service provider takes over the line.

You need to get BT to cancel the cancellation, this should take 24 hours to go through and then your new service provider, then needs to place the order to take over the line.


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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

as you have now contacted the mods just wait for their assistance as that gives you one point of contact until resolved  contacting anyone else will just cause more confusion and delay

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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

Unfortunately you are the architect of your own misfortune, if you wanted to migrate to another provider, ( in other words you wanted to move to Vodafone will little or no break in service ) you should have used the correct process, and that is contacting the new provider and let them do everything, you don’t need to contact the provider you are leaving,  that is done by the gaining provider, it’s the gaining provider that serves notice to the provider you are leaving .... by you calling BT , and asking them to cancel your service , then calling Vodafone , the Vodafone order will fail , because they cannot migrate a line that is already in the process of being ceased, and you instigated that cease by calling BT and saying ‘cease my service’.

BT did what you asked, they issued an order to cease your service after the notice period is served, they are not blocking anything, the wholesale system that all providers use, won’t allow 2 orders at the same time, the cease order is already in the system , so the later migration order is cancelled, until such time as the first order is completed, Vodafone should be knowledgeable enough to tell you that , instead of giving you misinformation about their order being blocked by BT, if you were a Vodafone customer trying to move to BT and used the same incorrect process  then the same thing would happen, and you presumably would be claiming that Vodafone were lying and not ‘releasing’ the line

Chances are the rest is just down to billing periods , as you asked BT for your service to be ceased , a 30 day notice is required, it’s possible , as you are billed in advance , you pay for a month you won’t  have service with BT , but are refunded for any days paid for after the service has ceased, this is standard practice will most if not all providers.

Finally , as you asked for a cease, Vodafone won’t be able to migrate your line, they in effect would need to order a ‘new’ line, you may want to check that they charge the same for a new line as a takeover/migration


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Re: Stop lying to me and release my line!

"you should have used the correct process"

Perhaps the BT operative concerned should've been better trained, as the implication is the OP took the actions stipulated by their helpline.

It's not up to the customer to know the ins and outs and exact order of how to do things, particularly on something that may not be done very often and may well change slightly over time. That's why customers call the company, presuming that the information given is correct.

So, no, the customer is not the "architect of [their] own misfortune" and I'd be quite insulted if that was the patronising 'advice' coming from a public forum after the official advice was wrong.

See post 6.