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Strange One Is this a DNS Issue???

Bare with me folks....if anyone can confirm my suspicsions it would be much appreacieted. I regret getting a Smart Hub, for a couple of months last year the DHCP was not working correctly, seems to be fixed after a firmware update but BT sent me another hub, only just got round to plugging this one in and the wifi on it is 1-3mb, When i plug my old (now mostly working) hub back in i get the full 65MB


Anyway the issue I have is for the past few months on Xbox Live I cant recieve game invites, otherwise everthing is working. Xbox is ethernet connection by the way. I've been playing with the DMZ and ports for a few days and everynow and then I think its fixed only for it to go again


Now the only thing I can see in correlation is today I've been testing and on my wiered desktop sometimes I cant access the Hub manager page It just times out. When I try and get game invites whilst this is down nothing comes through, eventually the page loads up and presto I am getting game invites again


So what is it that would be causing the page not to load, is it something to do with the DNS. Might be a coincidence but it seems odd that either both faults happen together or not at all


Thanks in advance

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Re: Strange One Is this a DNS Issue???

No, lack of access to the hub page at has nothing to do with DNS.

You put in the numerical IP address so DNS is not required.  I suspect another faulty hub.  Quite a few reports similar to yours.  If my router behaved like that it would be consigned to the bin and a new one purchased, and not a router from the ISP.

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Re: Strange One Is this a DNS Issue???

@Liam_ is probably correct, unless of course the Hub is trying to a reverse lookup on the address you're connecting from.

You should be able to prove DNS easily anyway. If you have a PC or something with a command prompt, simply run the command nslookup and see if you get a response.

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Re: Strange One Is this a DNS Issue???


Are you running Kaspersky, it could be this problem again 🙂



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