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Strange Openreach Activity in Village and surrounding area.

Hi all,


There has been an Openreach engineer driving around the village, and stopping at every telegraph pole in the village with a clip board and a road measuring wheel. Got stuck behind his van down the country lane into the village Smiley Very Happy

Seems like they are surveying or something.


The exchange area was FTTC/P enabled back in April under the Superfast Cymru BDUK programme and the first phase of the rollout in the area saw the first 10 cabs being FTTC upgraded and they are AO for FTTC.


BTplc Wales and Superfast Cymru have hinted in the past that the village may get FTTP with some line alterations out of the BDUK rollout due to distance from the cabinet. Though they did say it was speculation at the time.


Haha here's us hoping for FTTP, though any form of superfast broadband (that will actually deliver an improved service) to the village would be a great improvement to current ADSL connection.


Any ideas?

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Re: Strange Openreach Activity in Village and surrounding area.

Lucky you if you do get fttp

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Re: Strange Openreach Activity in Village and surrounding area.

I think t'other (CL) John has it.

Don't know of any non new builds that do though.
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Re: Strange Openreach Activity in Village and surrounding area.

There has been some FTTP deployed in parts of Wales under the Superfast Cymru BDUK scheme, and also the exchange area adjacent to our exchange area has been designated a FTTP only exchange.


Some of the roads near the village have also been temporarily closed for Openreach to do some works in chambers and to do some more ducting works.


Lucky parents if the village do get FTTP in the end. Shame I'm only home from Uni for a few weeks, would be interesting to see the infrastructure being deployed if it does turn out to be FTTP.

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