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Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

Hi hoping someone can offer up an understandable explanation to a virtually non techy person re this situation.


Recently my hub has been playing up quite a bit, kicking us off wired and wireless and then just refusing to connect to the internet at all until it's got over it's hissy fir....VERY frustrating.  


The strength of the wireless signal has always been somewhat dubious causing much strife with my boys and their XBox live connections. I have never been able to use my laptop outside or my phone as it just cuts out almost as soon as you step out side the door. I've lived with this as it was not a huge issue for me and the occasional tantrum from one son or the other has settled into resigned huffs.


Now here comes the weird (to me anyway) ... a chance visit to Maplins on saturday jolted my grey matter into enquiring as to the cost of some Cat5e or 6 extension cabling that I'd had recommended to solve the eternal buffering situation on such as you tube or movie streaming etc on the laptop. A very helpful young man told me first to try a different router if I had one available as he had so many people coming in with hubs not behaving as they should in the wireless department. If it improved the situation - great, if not he could recommend other options but just to try another router first.


As it happens I do have another router bought before I joined BT a few years ago , a Belkin N router. Now tonight with a new set of complaints of no signal, I bit the bullet and switched routers.  I could connect to this one from halfway down the garden 50+ft from the back door!! RESULT!! 


the pc (wired directly into router/hub always) seemed a tad sluggish so I found the router stats for the belkin and ran a speed check....


belkin router stats.jpg





So I thought....hmmm that's pretty slow and the attenuation is higher than before ....I haven't moved house tonight so ????

Ok so now I had to switch back as I hadn't thought to take any readings of the hub, just gave in to the boys and pulled the plug...

... and here are the BT hub stats and speed test


speed test hub.jpg



hub stats.jpg attenuation changes and my IP Profile and speed in the space of half an hour using 2 different routers


How is this possible please?


And sorry for the long post but I thought it better to get everything out there from the start


Thanks for any info/answers




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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

Sometimes when the speed has been low a manual resynch of the router can reset the IP Profile and speed - (one of the things you are asked to do if you are unfortunate to speak to the helpdesk) . This is what has happened in your case fortuitouslySmiley Very Happy Your profile is now correct for your attenuation.


Your speed should be higher but you are probably connecting wirelessly which can give lower speeds.


Line attenuation will change depending on things such as the weather , Openreach doing something at the exchanges - in your case it might be that the belkin may have overstated the attenuation ( just a guess) as in my experience it doesn't shift by more than 1.5db (again the belkin may have rounded up the figure)


Leave the hub alone for a couple of days since the DLM may take detrimental action regarding your speed if you keep turning it off and on again.


Is the hub the original one you had when you first signed up as the poor wireless may be due to that feature starting to fail on it. Could also be a reason for the hissy fits as well - age could be catching up with it.

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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

The hub stats are the normal kind of levels I get from those tests as is the IP Profile. I was always told not to expect much more than 2.5mb for my line as it is a good 2mile to the exchange in the next village/small town( never stopped them trying to flog me bt vision though with it's minimum 4mb requirement!) . Bt aren't overly generous in the exchange dept around here even though the village it is situated in has quadrupled in size in the last 10-20 years as has the one I live in 😕 , I do believe they have done some work in the last couple of years though.

I don't think it's to do with the reset to be honest. I think it is more to do with Bt 's insistance on using their own hubs and deliberately caning any attempted use of other equipment which is an explanation a friend has already offered, although I do try to avoid jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon, it does seem to fit the events. 


Oh and the wireless signal has always been that bad/temperamental  despite engineers visits in the tens and two electricians testing wiring etc


Sorry -  another edit - my pc is wired directly into the hub, always is and I don't have problems with speed so much and I didn't have tonight, just my boys on their wireless connections. It only got sluggish on the pc when I switched router but was again wired in direct, the wireless signal was greatly improved but the general download speed and the IP were low. 

I'm tempted to test the theory by once again switching and seeing the stats again and then switching back again but the disconnect and reconnects would probaly , as you said, play havoc at the exchange end and frankly I don't think the old fossil can take much more! 

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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

This link will show the speed you should get


Lots of people use non BT hubs without any problems - the wireless aspect is usually a reason given.


I presume the speedtest result was done when nothing was being downloaded or other devices being used.


The wireless signal can be a right s*d to fix - even moving the hub 2 feet up,down,left or right can have a massive impact. So many things affect it which I assume you have some knowledge of.


This is a link to K Beddoes' help page about wireless

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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

There is no problem at all with using a third party router you certainly will not have any speed restrictions for using one that is a total conspiracy theory
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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

Ok so this morning I tried again with exactly the same results!! 


BT home hub higher speed, lower attenuation and higher IP Profile setting


Old Belkin lower speed, Higher Attenuation and lower IP profile setting!!


Now that's what I just don't understand


My line attenuation was 52 for ages and ages probably a few years then it changed to 53 and now it's 53.5. switching to the belkin makes it shoot up to 56 which according to everything I've read makes the speed drop quite a bit. 


The thing I really don't understand is why because also from everything I've read, the attenuation is based on the distance from the exchange and the cable (what it's made of ?)  I didn't move house, I switched router so why the change? 

I just found a site that tells me I'm 3.3 km straight line distance from exchange and that Kitz thing gives 3.8 when I put in the hub attenuation of 53.5 or the belkin attenuation of 56 gives 4.1km Smiley Frustrated


I told the boys to get off everything whilst I switched the routers and so they were watching tv until I asked them to check how things were for them so no one was using the connection other than myself.


We've done all the tests in the past for interference and funnily enough, the noisiest darn thing in the house was the hub's power plug. The only way we could get anything remotely steady is when the hub was at full cord length from it's own plug!!


I'm wondering if perhaps my option is to buy a new router and make it a netgear as that brand seems to be the most sung about?  It doesn't solve the mystery of my house moving .3 km further from the exchange but it may resolve my wireless problems that the IT (Indian Telecom) would only ever blame on my house, me or mice in the attic and refused to accept there could be a problem with the hub. In the end as a person who somehow managed to be having and raising children for the whole time the tech world jumped through hoops, I caved to those I assumed had far superior knowledge and just got used to saying ...well that's as good as it gets, deal with it.



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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

I wouldn't get to hung up on different routers reporting different attenuation especially if only 2/5db as the kitz site is a guide to average speed and routers just interpret the information differently


I use a netgear and get a different (higher) attenuation than from the HH3 but I get the best connection speed from the netgear.  so a good line will get a good conenction - the physical distance to the exchnage does not change regardless or router


can you post new stats and btspeedtester diagnostic results please

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Re: Strange differences in stats found...can anyone explain please?

your home hub is connecting at the correct speed for you attenuation personally i would now let the connection settle as you could cause an increase in noise margin and therefore a lower speed

it is possible the attenuation change you are seeing is since your line has been upgraded to ADSL2+ whichis quite normal
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