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Strange phone call re: BT contract

I've been with BT Sport for two years - since the start - and have had no problems so far. We also have phone and broadband. And I received an email which said I do not need to do anything and will get the Champions League when it starts.


I've just received a strange call from a hesistant chap who said he was from BT (the number was 0800 4080066) and that I had to renew my contract from 1 August, but he then said he was getting messages on his computer to say he could not do it and that I had to ring the 'customer options' teams on 01324 452504 to re-activate my account. He also said that the HD channels will now be an extra £4 a month.


This all sounded like a scam to me. And when I googled the number there was a reference that it would cost £1 a minute and the first thing they do is put you on hold.


Has anyone had similar calls?

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Re: Strange phone call re: BT contract

I've just googled the 0800 number (sorry, I should have done that in the first place) and others report it is not BT but a separate company. So it is a scam. Clever, though, I wonder how they got all my BT information.
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