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Strange problem with BT landline

Hi - wonder if anyone can cast light on an odd problem...

Short version of events(!):

Switched from TalkTalk to BT effective 4 December for both phone and fibre.

Openreach engineer left in a hurry saying he'd connected broadband but not phone and had left me with an engineer line.

Turns out BT hadn't notified TalkTalk of change of service.

Anyway, phone line must have had something done to it in the intervening period because it suddenly started working - but not consistently.

For example, caller display stopped working, some calls went straight to engaged, while some got through.

I suspect someone switched the engineer line back to TalkTalk but didn't do it properly.

Got a notification today that BT had taken over the phone line and all was now working, but I still have the same problems, notably:

Caller display not working (tried my account on BT but won't let me access, but when I did same on TalkTalk account the other day caller display setting was switched on but still not working).

Some phones work when dialling the number, some don't. As an example, when I call from my mobile it just rings and rings on the mobile handset but my home phone doesn't ring, but from my wife's mobile it connects fine. It's not a problem with my mobile I think as when I call any other number from it everything is fine. Everything was also working perfectly before the Openreach engineer came round on 4 December.

Bit of an odd problem, and subject to a complaint case with BT, but just wondering if anyone on here had any ideas on what could be wrong for when I have my next conversation with BT.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Strange problem with BT landline

I have asked a moderator to look at your post 

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Re: Strange problem with BT landline

Hi Pob17,


Thanks for posting. This does soumd a little odd. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. Drop me an email with your details. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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