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Streaming Movies

Last night I sat down to watch a movie on my xbox one and I found the picture quality would drop throughout the movie. I have BT Infinity 2, my xbox is wired into the router with the detailed network statistics reading 73.27 Mbps down, 17.87 Mbps up, Packet loss 0%, MTU 1480, Latency 156ms. I used to be with TalkTalk with a download speed of around 14Mbps and anytime I streamed a movies there was no problem with the picture ever. Can anyone help with this?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.
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Re: Streaming Movies

I assume you were streaming from the internet rather than a server inside your house?  Are you using a Home hub 5?  Theres a lot of issues floating around about streaming issues with the HH5, particularly for DLNA but some are also reporting issues when streaming to a device from the web too, me being one of them.  I switched to an open reach modem with a different router and everything works fine now.


If you are using the HH5 and wifi, disable parental controls and the smart setup.  A lot of people have suggested this fixes some of the issues

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Re: Streaming Movies

Try thinkbroadband speed checker. I will show both max output and real output for unsecure connections like surf and stream.

If you see anything like me then secure (ports - https/vpn etc) are solid but on unsecure ports are like a yoyo and will mean that you can not stream well. I think it is BT nanny filter myself but I am waiting a call back on Monday with I hope an actual tech person.... who knows, maybe another India Helpdesk representative so I also could be disappointed again..

Good luck


Current results, better than usual but still see the massive difference between a secure connection and "normal":


Just found this...  look at some of those stats (col 1 being the one you`d be interested in):

Sun 30/11/14 13:1632.53 Mbps57.24 Mbps1.01 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Sun 30/11/14 08:0839.44 Mbps57.48 Mbps1.69 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 18:2217.82 Mbps57.42 Mbps0.66 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 18:1814.55 Mbps57.23 Mbps0.67 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 18:1615.40 Mbps57.18 Mbps0.54 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 18:1315.53 Mbps57.14 Mbps1.01 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 18:0516.16 Mbps57.05 Mbps0.77 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 18:0212.73 Mbps57.15 Mbps0.71 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 17:4914.51 Mbps57.03 Mbps0.79 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 17:2220.93 Mbps57.25 Mbps0.79 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 17:1918.82 Mbps56.98 Mbps0.75 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 17:0515.08 Mbps57.62 Mbps0.78 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 17:0319.17 Mbps57.09 Mbps0.72 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 16:5320.44 Mbps57.48 Mbps0.50 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Fri 28/11/14 15:3342.98 Mbps57.62 Mbps0.59 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Wed 26/11/14 19:5414.60 Mbps57.44 Mbps0.21 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Wed 26/11/14 14:3439.18 Mbps57.18 Mbps0.87 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Wed 26/11/14 14:1437.16 Mbps57.39 Mbps0.86 Mbps81.155.209.238BT
Tue 25/11/14 15:1625.24 Mbps57.92 Mbps1.11 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Tue 25/11/14 10:0927.35 Mbps57.55 Mbps0.91 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Tue 25/11/14 10:0227.74 Mbps57.76 Mbps0.94 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Mon 24/11/14 14:3426.92 Mbps57.92 Mbps1.02 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Mon 24/11/14 14:2937.62 Mbps57.67 Mbps0.69 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Mon 24/11/14 09:4527.32 Mbps57.66 Mbps0.33 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Mon 24/11/14 07:5415.40 Mbps57.37 Mbps0.18 Mbps86.146.140.119BT
Sat 22/11/14 03:4848.53 Mbps58.75 Mbps0.92 Mbps86.146.141.102BT
Fri 21/11/14 17:3541.73 Mbps58.48 Mbps1.22 Mbps86.146.141.102BT
Thu 20/11/14 08:3627.90 Mbps58.71 Mbps1.27 Mbps86.146.141.102BT
Thu 20/11/14 08:0311.24 Mbps50.02 Mbps0.25 Mbps86.136.207.186BT
Thu 13/11/14 07:5843.46 Mbps57.83 Mbps1.77 Mbps86.136.207.186BT
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Re: Streaming Movies

Hi I was watching a movie from microsofts servers on my xbox. I am using the HH5 and I do have parental control switched off. I have now turned off smart set up so time will tell if it makes a difference.
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Re: Streaming Movies

I'm not sure how to get a secure connection on my streaming devices. I have a few in my house (wired and wireless)
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Re: Streaming Movies

Most streaming services use unsecure connections so it isn`t something you can select your end. There should be no difference for either service/ports however BT in my experience appear to "manage"/shape normal traffic which isn`t on as that is not what their unlimited policy.

You may not have this issue, you need to have a check with thinkbroadband checker and see if you fall into my fun club.

You could tunnel streams through VPN via a proxy on your home PC but that is just getting silly and complex 🙂
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Re: Streaming Movies

@Gribley BT do not traffic shape any traffic
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Re: Streaming Movies

John, are you really that sure.... my stats would tend to suggest otherwise.

When you are on a "good" connection and a pages (d/l 60Mb) work OK on https and also via http over a secure VPN but then using http direct is like waiting for a watercolour to dry out.. would you say there is no traffic/port specific issue involved?


I don`t think it is traffic shaping really, I suspect the nanny filter myself (off of couse) howerer tech support from India doesn`t even know what MTU means....  that is my fun test for their "technical" staff at the moment.  That and they keep trying to get me to call the premimum number so I can pay for them to tell me why the supplied (paid for) service isn`t up to spec.  Happy days, I love spending hours on the phone with India, the are nice but script responses are never going to solve real issues.

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Re: Streaming Movies

@Gribley wrote:

John, are you really that sure.... my stats would tend to suggest otherwise.


Are your stats something that can be repeated by someone-else?

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Re: Streaming Movies

Golden question that clearly. It has only been a problem for me for the last 2/3 months... before then never an issue. Can it be reproduced sure for me but then that is very specific to my exchange I guess and you also need a secure vpn client to prove the http side - https works regardless (which isn`t such and issue as sure many of us work from home how not just me)

So as I`ve mentioned in a thread or two, use the thinkbroardband checker as that gives a nice non-vpn/tunnel hassle check on the difference. I really don`t know if this is same issue that others have reported as never seen feedback unfortunately on that.
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