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Student broadband package

hello! I would like a bit of advice on how to complain effectively about the BT student broadband package. My daughter took out this package as it was aimed specifically at students, providing a 9 month contract. In her welcome letter, under 'the small print' there is no mention of a broadband cease charge or having to give 30 days notice to cease the contract. There is a link to a 100 page document and these terms are buried somewhere in that.

Knowing most students move on after 9 months, I feel the undisclosed cease fee is grossly unfair. Also, if she was told about the notice period she would have noted it in her diary and dealt with it.

By advertising this as a student package and then to not be very transparent is quite wrong and I am very disappointed in a company I have never had any trouble with in the past.

She has been left with a bill of over £100, which for a student is very high amount.


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