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Sub Accounts and the online chat and techi phone calls


Two days ago i had hassle loging in to my emails.  I made a live chat call and a techi phoned me back and reset two of my passwords so i could go back and reset them to a password of my choice

he advised i needed to move to bt premium quickly.


today i attempted to sort my emails and had the same problem.  i contacted live chat and a techi phoned me back

-this time he cant reset my sub account passwords under any circumstances and wants to access my computer remotely.

he says he is in a techi call centre in calcutta.


i am not impressed - no one needs to access my pc to reset an email password.


have i found a bogus call centre?


why cant i reset my email passwords as i have always done in the past


when can i access my emails?


My main account states that one sub account has successfully via the yahoo reset password links, reset the password seven times - and yet i still cant get into the info.


i have run outlook express on the sub account i use the most - and one whole month of emails is now missing.


I have lots of social media and other important sites that use these email accounts to login with and am really unimpressed with how some twit in a call centre (or a bogus call centre techi) has managed to cause chaos with something that should be simple.


Any ideas on how to sort the reset password without a remote crawler going through all my files for no sensible reason?




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see sub accs - password and remote pc access request - bogus or not?

its not ok

all i want is my passwords reset 

i dont want a bogus techi accessing my pc

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bogus techi phone call?

I just cant see why a techi in India wants to remotely access my pc to reset some passwords.

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Re: bogus techi phone call?

Hi Suef2,


Welcome and thanks for posting. It's not unusual for the tech guys to remote access to try and resolve issue but I'll be happy to take a look at this for you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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