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Sudden Drop in Connection Speed and Ping increase

Hi everyone for the past while my broadband service has been excellent for an Exchange only line and it connects at 3db noise margin which gives me the best possible speeds however today around 3PM my broadband dropped and we have people over helping us remove our old fire place and putting in a new one so there is power tools involved and I assumed that the constant switching on and off of these tools would mess with the BT Smart Hub and that was the reason it has disconnected so I went down and turned it off. Long story short seeing as there was nothing to do I fell asleep and when I woke up around 8:30PM I went to go and switch it back on and when looking at the connection status there was a loss in download and upload speed and the ping had increased. It is still connecting at a 3db noise margin but speeds are lower. Before this happened my download speed usually connected at 5.37mbps and the upload ALWAYS connected at 1.14mbps and the latency type is "fast path". The new connection rate since being switched back on the download speed 5.07mbps and the upload is now 1.05mbps and the ping is still set to "fast path" but i test my ping EVERY day using speedtest from a variation of servers in the UK and my ping is usually between 26-29ms but not its 60ms on all servers. My neighbors have been having issues with their lines over the past while even though ours has been fine they all reported faults and I think an openreach van was down the village around 3PM ish so im worried they might have fixed everyone else lines or atleast some of them but slowed ours down at the cost 😞 There is no noise on the line either. I would like to try an old BT home hub 5 we have but I know disconnecting is about the worst thing because of DLM. Here are the BT Smart hub stats:


BT information.PNG


BT Noise Margin.PNG


Availability Checker.jpg

Also here is a picture from around December time when the connection was working amazingly:

BEST Sync Speed.jpg


I'm really wanting the old speeds back because I'm a gamer and having low ping and a decent connection for an EO line was great. 


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Re: Sudden Drop in Connection Speed and Ping increase

retry the hub 5 it will not cause a DLM problem also are you using a wired or wireless connection
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Re: Sudden Drop in Connection Speed and Ping increase

I'll be sure to try on sunday I'm away to stay at my brothers flat this weekend (which has BT Infinity 2 🙂 ) so when I return I'll plug in the BT Home hub 5 and see if it performs any better. Also i mainly use wireless 5GHz but i tried disconnecting every device from the smart hub and connecting with an ethernet also making sure wireless was disabled on my laptop but still high pings of 60ms. By the time I return hopefully 3 days of connection time will have been achieved so when the BT hub 5 is plugged in it will sync at better speeds 🙂

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Re: Sudden Drop in Connection Speed and Ping increase

Sorry for the long time since I updated this just been busy with college. We tried the BT Home Hub 5 on sunday didn't make any difference I noticed the the BT Home Hub 5 showed my latency type as "Interleaved" and the BT Smart Hub shows it as "Fast path" not sure if thats a glitch in the firmware on the Smart Hub because I would say a ping of 60ms seems more like interleaved. Today (16/02/2017) after maintaining a stable connection for 3+ days reset the BT Smart Hub to factory default settings and when it reconnected the Download speed was EXCELLENT but Upload speed and Ping remained the same :c


I also ran a BT wholesale test with everything disconnected from the BT Smart Hub apart from my laptop which was connected via ethernet. Here are the pics:

BTWholesale 1.PNG


BTWholesale 2.PNG 

Here are the BT Smart Hub stats and noise margin:

Good Sync.PNG


Noise Margin 1.PNG

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