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Sudden Drop in broadband speed, Used to get 300-400kbs down, now max of 20-25kbs....


I have been having prblems for the last 3 or 4 days now with my download speed just being so slow its becoming unusable... I work from home so need a solid internet connection to work form. I have spoken to BT that gave me the biggest load or rubbish i think i have ever heard and put the blame on my router. 


So - I got rid of the HomeHub2 it was causing so much trouble with my VPN's into Work and not opening ports correctly. and i had it replaced with a NetGear DGND3300 - This has been working fine for 6 months or so without so much as a network drop or glitch and has all the right port access for me for work.


My netgear router is displaying back the following stats.


System Up Time 12:31:59
PortStatusTxPktsRxPktsCollisionsTx B/sRx B/sUp Time

ADSL LinkDownstreamUpstream
Connection Speed3776 kbps448 kbps
Line Attenuation52.0 db28.5 db
Noise Margin13.2 db

17.0 db


Now I would normally donwload at between 300-400 Kb's but for the last few days I am getting a maximum of 20-25 Kb's which is frustrating to say the least.


I have done all the normal things, I rebooted my netgear router, I put my BtHomeHub2 back in, I replaced the filter, I have turned off every device in the house and used an ethernet cable direct to the router from my laptop and still got exactly the same speeds. So has anyone got any ideas? as BT support are just telling me its my Netgear router that is at fault. Even though I am still running off the BtHomeHub2 with the same problems.

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Re: Sudden Drop in broadband speed, Used to get 300-400kbs down, now max of 20-25kbs....

Welcome to this customer to customer forum.


To enable forum members to help you, could you please read the web page that is shown below, which asks you to do a few checks first, and has some helpful hints.


Please could you use the home hub 2, as its not possible to extract all of the information from the Netgear router.

When you have done that, please follow the instructions at the end, and post the results here, so members can offer advice. Thank you.



Speed and disconnections

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Re: Sudden Drop in broadband speed, Used to get 300-400kbs down, now max of 20-25kbs....

as you are on adslmax you should be on pppoa not pppoe. - surprised it worked


can you also run btspeedtester and post the results please

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