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Sudden drop in Broadband Infinity speed

Hi All,


Long one sorry......


I am currently on Infinity Option 2 (very high usage user) and have been for some time.


Every few months my Internet crashes completely, I get the odd connection drop as well but with this I try the restart, turning off and on etc but eventually it turns out that some BT email address (I assume it was required when I set up the service as I never actually use it) is suddenly incorrect:



Should be:


Out of nowhere an additional "." has appeared at the end of the address. It asks me to automatically repair which it does and everything is fine.


This latest time however after fixing, my Internet download speed has dropped significantly, I guessed it might need a day or 2 to stabilise but it has not and this is over a week ago.


When I set up infinity my speed went from 3mbps to about 30mbps. A few months ago I was offered a free upgrade to my speed which I took and the speed increased to around 50mbps. I was very happy with this as in my house we are often streaming HD content in multiple rooms and downloading STEAM games quite often.


As of last night my Wireless Speed test was anything between 0.10mbps and 10mbps changing from minute to minute. Netflix, 4OD, BBC iplayer etc now has to buffer HD content and we struggle with SD in multiple rooms.

This might seem like an odd complaint to those that still struggle with broadband speeds but considering I am on a package that offer UPTO 70mbps speeds that I was happily close to attaining for over a year, to suddenly drop down is very frustrating.


Please do not tell me it is due to wireless, again it was all working at the higher speeds for a long time. I have 2 PC's and an Xbox all were wireless as they are far from the Router and were all working fine even at the same time.


Reading the terms of service I understand that BT only strangles the download speed for P2P networks, considering I do not use any I cannot see this being the reason also there is no noticable improvement in speed late at night compared to during the day.


Anyone have any thoughts? Is it time for a new Router?






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