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Sudden drop in speed.

I had infinity installed early in December and it's been excellent with constant download speeds of 36-37mb. However since the 28th December there's been a sudden drop to around 26-27 mb. Still quite good but 10mb less than I know it's capable of. 


I investigated and found on Plusnet that there was an exchange outage in Milton Keynes that affected telephone numbers where I live. shows that at that time my connection dropped to 3-4 mb. 


The issue is that since the outage was fixed the infinity speed I'm getting has not returned to what it was before. 


The BT speedtest states that the maximum speed I can expect is 30048 but I'm not getting anywhere near that now


Can I expect the speed to automatically return to what it was when it was installed or do I need to contact BT to get it fixed. 






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Re: Sudden drop in speed.

Hi Jane and welcome.


The DLM equipment at the exchange could automatically increase things given a bit of time.


What I would do though is....


Connect your laptop to the HH3 via an ethernet lead and run the FTTC diagnostic part of the speed test


And note your IP settings. 


Being wired this removes any possible wireless issues and running the speedtester will give you your IP Internet Profile which will be useful if you have to contact the Forum Mods for help.

The IP is the profile setting the exchange has set you on to provide a reliable broadband.


Having made a note of your IP you could try forcing an IP reset by.-


Turn off both the Openreach Modem and HH3 and after a minute or two back on again.


You then need to run the BT speedtester again to see if the IP has changed.

(However there is a 1 hour delay between tests) 

You could try the BT Beta 40Mbps test part as that may not need the 1 hour delay for a rough test....

Or in the meantime try the and see if speeds have improved.


One variation of speed issues is when the IP setting drops very low and the achieved download is correspondingly low.


The other variation is when the IP setting remains high (eg 38716Kbps) but the achieved download speed is very low.


Carry out these tests and add the results to your thread, if things have not improved I would seek help from the BT forum Mods with this form

There are no promises they can do anything as drops can occur in the natural way lines age/change...

Or the line is settling in with the increased uptake of customers and reducing to near the estimate the line checker gave initially.

But at least you could check to see what they say.

Also a bit of info about speed improvement coming soon in THIS THREAD..... but we don't know yet if that is going to be chargeable.


And add a copy of this threads URL to the contact form so they can see the background to the problem.


The Mods are very helpful and will contact you, may take 72hrs or so due their workload.


Btw it's best not to turn off the BT Openreach White Modem too often as this may be recognised as a line problem by the DLM Exchange Monitoring equipment with a corresponding reduction in IP (speed).


For Example of my Test Results Scroll Down THIS POST. And a Pic of the test results below.-


Speed after Hols Oct 11th 2011 - Copy.jpg

Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Sudden drop in speed.

Okay, thanks for the advice.
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