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Sudden loss of HD channels

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Following 6 months of having them, we suddenly lost BBC1HD and ITV1HD tonight during recording. Now 101-105 have gone.

Return and factory reset have not restored them. RF pass through not sending hd content to tv. Hd content available on different telly upstairs on house aerial.

Any help gratefully received.

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Re: Sudden loss of HD channels

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Hi @JohndP,

Do you know which YouView Box you have  ? if it is 6 months old and a recordable BT TV Box it is probably either a DTR2100 or DTR4000 ?

So currently you are not able to see live Freeview HD channels on via the YouView Box ?

If you plug you aerial directly into your TV rather than chained through the YouView Box does the TV pick up the Hd channels (or is the  TV only an HD ready TV rather  than one with an Hd tuner)

If you playback an existing HD recording on the YouView Box does that display on the TV  ?

How is your TV connected to the YouView Box is it HDMI cable , SCART cable or both ?

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Re: Sudden loss of HD channels

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Thanks so much for getting back to me.

The box is a 400. Working fine for 6 months or so. All other live and recorded hd content working well.

When I plugged the RF cable directly into the telly and went to retune, the auto tune feature of the tv was missing. Fora suggest this might be a child lock or hotel mode issue. A factory reset sorted it. All HD context is coming through the antenna and it is also now coming to the telly through the RF pass through.

Now I have retuned the bt box and the hd content has returned.

Either this is just amazing coincidence of retuning timing or there was a fault with the bt box or telly which was somehow crossing between the two pieces of tech. I might check the Panasonic fora to see if there is anything there.

Thanks again for your help.

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