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Suddenly lost broadband connection, 3 days without internet

Hello folks.


My issue is as following:

Had no connection issues for close to 4 years (since i signed up for BT Infinity), and my broadband connection suddenly dropped on Friday without coming back online. No service faults reported in my area, phone line works fine.


The setup is wall socket->Openreach white box->router. Initially I had a BT Hub (not sure which one, I tossed it in the attic fairly quickly due to poor wireless signal, sudden restarts, etc), which i then replaced with a Linksys E4200. Tech support helped me set it up, and had no issues since then.


I have tried to contact support multiple times, but every single time, the person I'm talking to seems to be stuck in a loop in their script. They keep asking me about the lights on the Hub, and I keep telling them I do not use a BT Hub. Not having a BT Hub seems to not be a valid option in their script, and I cannot progress any further with phonecalls to BT support.


Now I'm stuck and have no idea on how to proceed or who to contact to help me with my problem. I have no clue where my BT Hub is, and I sincerely doubt that the E4200 is the issue, as it has been servicing me fine for a prolonged amount of time. 


I would very much appreciate any input/advice on how to proceed with my issue.

Thank you.

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Re: Suddenly lost broadband connection, 3 days without internet

try connecting direct to modem with pc and see if that gets a conenction - assuming lights on modem are ok  help here

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Re: Suddenly lost broadband connection, 3 days without internet

You need to check if your Linskey is getting a broadband connection. You should be able to do that by either looking at the settings or if there are any indicator lights on it.


You need to establish that so that you know if it is a router fault or a connection fault.


Once you know that it will dictate what happens next.





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Re: Suddenly lost broadband connection, 3 days without internet

There is no connection to the Linksys (the light on it breathes on/off, which indicates no internet connection, it should be solid white when there is).


There is also no connection to the Openreach box according to the lights on it.


EDIT. I should clarify that the openreach box is not connected to internet, the connection between the box and the router is fine, light is on.


EDIT 2: I checked cables multiple times before even attempting to contact BT. They're fine.

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Re: Suddenly lost broadband connection, 3 days without internet


I don't know about the white modem box as I don't have one but is that displaying any errors?  In any case, have you tried resetting this?  Check the lights again.  Green is good generally, but I don't know the modem.  If it shows a fault, you know what to tell the BT support people now.



If that is all ok, work on to the router.  All green lights on the E4200?  Login to the web interface of your touter, what does that report?


If the fault is when it gets to the router, I'd try swapping that out.  If you don't have a spare router (you'll be surprised if you are anything like me, how much kit you have lying around) then...



Disconnect extensions from your master socket by unscrewing the bottom half of your faceplate (if you have the single socket, then filter it etc) - then plug your filter in to the connection behind it, (this is the test socket).  Re-test your equipment above.


Support process

If the fault is on the modem, just report what you see.  This should be enough for them to help you further.


If you get further and want to feed the BT support script monkeys, respond with "Flashing orange light" when they ask on the homehub question.  They will then proclaim they have the solution and send you a new HH.  In honesty, it's probably worth you trying a new one as I believe you won't need the white modem with the HH5 or new smart hub.


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