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Suggestion: Break tennis coverage into shorter segments

Not sure of the best place to put this comment, but this week is the Indian Wells tennis tournament. Great to have that on BT Sport, but the way it is shown in the planner you have to record the whole day's play in order to watch the evening premier match. So, yesterday Sharapova was playing in the evening (c4.00am in the UK), but the planner required you to record from 7:00 in the evening (UK time) to 5:00 am. You had to fast forward through 9 hours of play to get to that match. To add insult to injury it then finished the recording half way through the second set.

It makes some sense to put a cricket match as a single item for a whole day's play in the planner, although even that is arguable,  but to put the whole day's play in a tennis tournament as a single item is barmy. I know the boxes are low energy but it can't be environmentally friendly to record 9 hours of things you don't want to watch in order to get to half a recording of what you do. I know that the idea of manual recording has been rejected in the past but could I suggest that the planner breaks such items into blocks of 2 hours or so, in order that evening sessions which are known not to start until a specific time at the earliest can be recorded separately.

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