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Suggestion - Good vs. Excellent consistency

I'm running firmware v1.02.11 build02, a 6 disc setup, all connected via Ethernet.

On the Status - Overview screen (when it's not a big grey box) it shows each disc as - [NAME] Ethernet Good Connection.

On the Status - Discs screen it shows each disc's Connection Status as - Excellent.

My suggestion is that these terms should be consistent, otherwise they're pretty useless. What is excellent? Great? Pretty fantastic? Or the best? What is a good connection? Acceptable, for sure, but certainly not great or excellent. However, if they're all connected via Ethernet - and that's confirmed as such on both these screens, then the connection status shouldn't really be good or excellent - and certainly not represented differently - that's just mental.

All it takes is a little thinking to get basic things like this right.

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Re: Suggestion - Good vs. Excellent consistency

Well said.

What does this mean in "actual" Mb / "Meg" that the majority of the public want to know about it and understand.

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