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Suggestion: Intranet

Hey BT, there is this nifty thing called an "intranet".  It's been around since the early 90's. It means that when a customer calls you and you pass them from department to department they don't have to give their information over and over and over and over. It means that when an issue is raised, that information is then married to the customer's account and everyone from the customer service agent to the engineers know what is going on no matter how many times the customer is passed around. It also insures that dropped calls are returned immediately, promises made by company representatives are logged into a permanent record and customer grievances are tracked and dealt with in a timely manner. Essentially it's about accountability, and I understand that word can make some people nervous, but in my experiences with BT over a long period it occurs to me that you are struggling without this essential business tool. If you do have an intranet then I reccomend investing in it - heavily. Just imagine actually knowing what's going on. Imagine customers getting the service they ordered when they ordered it and not literally, breaking appointment after appointment where customers had to take off work to meet an engineer that never arrives and that not happenning four times in a row over a period of months. Your customer service people would be empowered to really give customer service. Imagine not losing business from people switching to other services and actually doing something about problems. It's a lot to take in I know, but it really is possible. If you like, I will come out and run the entire project for the whole company - your whole intranet from scratch. I've done it before and am happy to help. So, to recap: Intranet. 

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