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Superfast fibre plus is superslow!



I am posting on behalf of some friends.  They upgraded their broadband to Superfast Fibre Plus where the blurb says the average speeds are 67Mbps download and 18Mbps upload.  However whilst I was updating their computerI noticed that their broadband was slow - dial up slow.  I carried out three speed tests and the fastest result was 0.92Mbps download and 0.33Mbps upload.  These speeds are way off the average.


What can be done to rectify this matter?


Any advice welcomed.


Thank you.

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Re: Superfast fibre plus is superslow!

Welcome to this user forum.

They would need to register on this forum and post some details from their home hub, as its not really practical to relay advice via another person.

You could ask them to see if there is any noise on their phone line, by dialling 17070 and selecting option 2, to see if its quiet.



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Re: Superfast fibre plus is superslow!

Yes, the average speeds over the whole of the BT customer base is 67M, that doesn't mean you will get 67M.

What speed were they guaranteed in the email they received when they took out the contract?

Are you measuring the speed with a wired or wireless connection?

Please post the results of the DSL checker after editing out phone number

Please post the line stats from the Hub.

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Re: Superfast fibre plus is superslow!

Hub stats are found here:-

HH6 Advanced settings/technical log.

HH5 Troubleshooting/helpdesk.

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