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Suspended email

I received a text message on 23Feb2021, stating my daughters email account had been suspended and to access it, visit The address was set up and linked to my email account many years ago and has always worked.

Following the various online instructions resulted in a reset pin number being emailed to the suspended account which isn't really very helpful. Further instructions directed me to a BT page which had moved and was no longer available. Another page wouldn't accept my security question answer. 

Over an hour on the phone could not resolve the issue, stating amongst other things that the email address did exist but couldn't be found. It was no longer linked to my account and didn't recognise the security question despite being on a genuine BT page. 

A code number 18341 was given as the problem was passed on to another department for resolution  within 7 days. Still no resolution or contact. 

I'm not sure how BT could send a reset code to an email they can't find and why would they send the code to the locked account despite the account being linked to an unlocked email address.

Going round in circles.


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Re: Suspended email

Hi @Philbomoog1,

Welcome to our Community.

I'd like to offer you our help. I'm going to send you a private message with some information that I need.



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