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Suspended or Deleted email addresses

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There is a pinned posting "Suspended or Deleted email addresses" by  DanileS on 19-04-2018, I wonder whwther this needs to be updated?

The posting mentions: "If there has been no activity on an email address for 90 days then we will suspend the account without notice."

However I have just received an email from BT today regarding one of my less used email addresses which says:

It looks like you haven't used your email address *********** for a while.

We usually close email accounts that aren't used at least once every 90 days. So if you want to keep it, you'll need to log in within the next 30 days.

Otherwise, we'll close the account and delete everything that goes with it on 20/04/2021. That includes things like emails, contacts, calendars and notes.

This means BT do give advance notice as opposed to what is mentioned in the pined posting.

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Re: Suspended or Deleted email addresses

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The post is nearly 2 years old and was accurate at the time of posting.

Since the migration to the new BTMail, the Terms and Conditions of using BTMail have been changed to read as follows.

7(h)  If your email address isn’t used for 90 days in a row, we will notify you. If after 150 days, you’ve still not used it, we will delete the account and end any associated service.  (My Bold).

Email terms and conditions (

I will advise the moderators to up date the post to reflect the change.

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Re: Suspended or Deleted email addresses

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The problem is that the email which I received today doesn't line up with the terms and conditions. There is no mention of 150 days in the email in fact it states the email address will be deleted in the next 30 days if not used.
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Re: Suspended or Deleted email addresses

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To further complicate the issue, the pinned posting by DanielS is similar to

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Re: Suspended or Deleted email addresses

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The BT Policy is here

What is the usage policy for BT Email? | BT Help

If your email account is not used with a 150 day period it will be deleted. This is made up with 90 days of non use then it is suspended then you have 60 days to reactivate it at which point it is deleted.

The email you received does not state from what date your email account has not been used and it could be that it is in the 120th day of the process and as such you need to log on within the next 30 days or it will be deleted.

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