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Re: Swiched to bt, two failed activations, completely without broadband, please help

4 months, obscene. Anyway I was given a date of 31,12 for another engineer, he turned up the day before at 7.30 am! No apology of course. He also had to come inside and fitted a new socket despite me being told each time nobody needed to be home, pure luck I was home, otherwise prob would have been delayed again for weeks. In the end it was clear than the matter could have been sorted weeks before. So, now just to sit out the contract including the useless 'international freedom' to make 19 mins of calls a day, then I'm of as I'm afraid I will never use any services connected to bt again. I have been told I have been compensated with refunds and credits to my account by the senior exec who helped me, and he did help to be fair to him,but can't see anything on my account. Least I have some broadband anyway. Good luck 


Quid I tells me the retailer, bt, is taking longer than expected to process my cashback, a nice new adventure there then 🙂


good luck

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