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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

I'm sorry to be a pain and raise this thread again but i'm still having problems.

as well as the slow speed It appears that the Hub now disconnects when making and receiving call too.

I've run the BT online test of the phone line which comes back fine, and it says it cannot resolve my Broadband fault online.

Should I call and try going back to adsl, would that help?   Is FTTC more prone to this?

I would really appreciate any advice or what the problem might be , or if someone can look into for me?

Very Much appreciated.

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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

There is a point with  long lines from the cabinet , that ADSL performs better than VDSL , but , regardless, your hub shouldn’t disconnect when making or receiving a call, so that suggests a line issue ( if you have already replaced the filter ) .

By not having a ‘proper’ master socket , so definitively proving the problem to line, means you’re potentially at risk of reporting an ‘internal’ problem to Openreach (who are not responsible for your internal wiring) if you are as sure as you can be that the problem is external to your property , then it’s unclear why you cannot report the problem, if the online test says ‘no problem’ it won’t let you open a fault report , but that doesn’t stop you calling and reporting it directly, if customer services say the line tests OK and you potentially could be charged, you would need to accept that potential before an engineer visit is arranged.

I don’t know if you can go back to ADSL, as BT don’t accept new ADSL orders , only VDSL, they may release you to sign up with a provider that still sells ADSL, but in the longer term , no one will be on ADSL anyway

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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

Thanks for your reply.

The only reason I'm quite sure that its not my internal wiring is that the problem only started the day i was transferred from ADSL to FTTC  (unless FTTC need better quality internal wiring?).

The upgrade was a free offer and the estimated speed provide by Bt was the same or better than adsl so I don't think distance is the problem.


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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

As your connection is dropping when you make or receive calls and you have replaced filter then phone 151 and report a phone fault probably high resistance fault

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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

thanks.  I guess I will try a call as online says its fine and wont give that option.

As I don't have a master socket where are BTs responsibility start?  I cannot see any entry point as its underground.

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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

You have a master socket. It's the first socket connected to the incoming wire.

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Re: Switch Over to Fibre

OR’s responsibility ends at the master socket, with NTE5 type master sockets , if correctly wired , it’s easy to isolate the ‘line’ from internal wiring and extensions....with  LJU type master sockets, it’s not so easy.

If there are no extensions anyway, then it shouldn’t really matter that the master socket isn’t a NTE5, if an extension or extensions exist when the master is a line jack unit , then obviously any fault on the extension or extension wiring will affect the line, and isolating them from the line may not be straightforward.

If you have a ‘decorative’ master socket ( LJU ) and it’s faulty , then that is a grey area as far as responsibility , OR are not responsible for things they don’t supply , but how can you prove it one way or the other as you are not supposed to interfere with a master socket, chances are it’s not causing an issue anyway.

If you report a fault, and with nothing but a filter and router connected in the master socket , you can demonstrate the router losing sync when an incoming call arrives, then the engineer should go and try to find the problem on the line side of the socket, and no charges raised.

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