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Switch advice required - part 2 (side query)

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Hi, the other week I asked a query about connecting downstairs and upstairs.


Keith Beddoe kindly pointed me in the right direction.


I now have it working BUT I have a minor niggle that I want to see if I can sort.


In that original thread I said I am short on power sockets in the room. It appeared that the TP-Link TL-WA701ND could be powered using the ethernet cable. Now that I have the devices concerned I'm not convinced that it works as I imagined (i.e. I can't get it working using only one plug so I need to ask).


Downstairs all is good:

  Home Hub works (tick)

  iPad works (tick)

  laptop works and can print (tick)


Upstairs all is good:

  Desktop machine connects to Home Hub and printer (tick)

  Printer works and can be printed to by laptop or desktop (tick)


Ok, so what's the problem?


Upstairs signal is received by WA701ND. This has power plugged into it (plug 1)

Signal comes out of WA701ND and into TL-SF1005D desktop switch. This has power plugged into it (plug 2)

Signal then goes out of switch and to desktop machine and printer.


I had got the impression that plugging in the TL-SF1005D I could then feed the power from it also up to the WA701ND using the POE (Power Over Ethernet) system.


What it now appears is that there is another little box. It receives power and can send it via POE to the WA701ND.


Trying to draw it out:


WA701ND......\ (cable 1)


                       POE gizmo>>>>>>> power

                                    \ (cable 2)


                                      SF1005D switch >>>>>>> power

                                       \ (cable 3)      \ (cable 4)

                                        \                   \

                                         printer          desktop machine


At the moment WA701ND is powered by a cable down the landing! Not ideal.


It seems I can have cable 1+ cable 2 and a POE gizmo or I can replace that with one cable but have power plugged in to WA701ND directly. It doesn't seem possible to power the WA701ND via power from the SF1005D.


Is my understanding correct (it seems to be from trying it but I wonder if I am missing something).


It looks like, despite my best efforts, I somehow need to find an extra plug socket in the office. 😞


On the bright side, at least I have Infinity speed network upstairs (or at least allowing for switches etc it is a jolly lot faster than it was before using my old setup).




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Re: Switch advice required - part 2 (side query)

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The TP-Link TL-WA701ND has its own POE splitter which you can only use to feed power to that device, from the end of the Ethernet cable.


It has to be connected correctly, so that the POE outlet goes to the TP-Link TL-WA701ND, and the LAN outlet goes to your switch.

It only useful where the TP-Link TL-WA701ND is situated remotely from the power supply.


You cannot power it from the TL-SF1005D desktop switch, as that does not supply power along the Ethernet cable.


Why can`t you just use a 4 or 6 way extension lead in the office?



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Re: Switch advice required - part 2 (side query)

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Thanks, Keith. You confirmed what I feared.


Why can't I? I do. I have two eight way extension leads in the office and they are both full! 😞


Looks like I'll have to buy some bigger ones..... 😉 *sigh*

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