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Re: Switch to BT Vision or wait for You View?

Despite the fact that I am a BTVision user, and signed up for BT's You View updates months ago, I have received no information since then regarding BT's You View service. At the moment Bt Vision use for on demand is not used as part of your broadband download allowance, however the cost for exceeding your limit is at present £5 per 5meg, which is very expensive! II used to love the On Demand service, but over the last year a lot of the channels and programmes available have vanished with no explanation. I have just had a look at whilst writing this and see they have launched "unlimited broadband" for the first time, at £26 ( same as Inffinity if you can get it-major cities only) which is very expensive, but still nothing about You View! I signed up with TalkTalk a couple of weeks ago to receive information on theirTalkTalk Plus unlimited broadband + calls+free You View box, and they  have already told me boxes will be available in a few weeks, and they will email me when I can sign up.Their deal looks very good and about £20 a month cheaper than what I am paying BT-worth the £50 installation fee to get reduced costs.  As BT are increasing prices accross the board in January, I  just can't afford to stay wth them any longer. Their customer  service has greatly deteriorated since they started using an Indian call centre-I can get the same terrible service everywhere else for less! Bear in mind that all other providers except cable use BT lines through Loop Exchange, so reliability of the line will not improve by changing provider. The BT Home Hub is in my experience the most reliable modem anywhere ( this is deffinately the best option if you run a business and need a very reliable internet connection which does not "drop"-ALL others "drop"), however the BT customer service is now as bad as I experienced previously with TalkTalk! It would be a good option for you to register for a priority You View box with Talk Talk as you are a customer anyway, and find out what incentives they can offer you as an existing customer, whilst watching over the next few weeks what BT do-if anything! I would definately not sign up with BT till you know what their You View package is going to cost .I hope this is not too much information and is some help

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